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  1. WOW Soo you are telling me (MOO) that you would rather stop the fucking idiot from hitting your car then suing that fucking idiot.
    That person is driving a flip-en BMW. Someone that is not in the right mind would not want to sue them. For sure I would LMFAO! So my question for you (Moo) is How does it make it so AMERICAN of him to sue that dumb ass? More less I would say if you don’t sue him, your more of a dumb ass yourself for not suing the dumb ass. And I would gladly say that I am a American.

    1. Funny…you are not better than Moo. He’s got prejudices against Americans and you against BMW-Driver. And Moo is right…rather than watching some ppl destroying their and other ppls cars, the first thought should always be: “maybe i can help that person”, your parents should have told you that.
      Your attitude is very ignorant.
      In this case it’s hard to tell whether there was enough time to react properly, but everyone should be helpful.

    1. @Grave Digger JIMMY DAMN YOU!!!! Still digging up my mother grave……. WHY???? When you have DudeTits…….

  2. What the hell are you doing sitting in front of this crazed driver wielding a 3ton weapon? Luckily the driver turned away from you and not towards you going up the curb.. GTFO of the way while filming a nutty driver in close proximity…

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