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  1. First I would like to say they both should be taken out Into a field and tortured for hours on end. Then fix them both so neither can ever have another child.

  2. after all the white ppl dissing blk people on here everytime they pop up on fail pics (what to expect from ni++ers etc). . . the most grose disgusting Fail comes from white ppl. . what irony life has in store lol (I´m not trying to start anything, it just crossed my mind)

    1. We are all red and pink on the inside bro. Its just our cultures that conflict with each other. That said, Hip-Hop is fucking rubbish music

  3. why yal be dissin the south? bring yo sity slicker ass down Louisiana way an I give you a lickin. This be a time honored tradition down here. We stick with our own. Keep the blood pure.
    All you mulicultalile wackies breedin with the blacks an the japs an cing cong whatavas an even them those canaderns. Yall sicken me.

    1. I like that lickin part:P. But it seems you never felt how tight a jap vj is, nor seen a African American girl shake her booty -_^

    1. YES Grave Digger JIMMY I’m keeping it all in your family…. Now I’m Teaching your Sister the art of “Deep Throat” that comes Swallowing……. Your Mother is good at doing, what I tell her to do…..

  4. Strange, Yes. But they aren’t hurting anyone. People going into schools shooting kids, is way more important then this. Leave them be

  5. You’re right. Whites have fucked up the world with everything we do. Like make rules and governments and work jobs and stuff. Only scum does that kind of stuff

  6. this is such a good conversation isnt it. 😮 yall gettin racist for no reason. Were all = and nobody needs to be dissing any other race. As for the photo, those people are CRAZY! hes your dad, please!

  7. I don’t know why it always has to turn out to be about RACE! That is the least of my worries, This child is going to come out looking weird and this story is everywhere, which means the child is going to have a hard long life! That isn’t right. As far as the father/babydaddy && Mother/Sister- Need to have this child taken away from them!

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