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    1. YES Grave Digger JIMMY I gave your Mother $20.00 for “ASS2MOUTH” but all I got was all night F ing and sucking from her……

    1. I think Fred would say that jimmy shouldn’t have to give the money back. Every good prostitute knows that you take the money first before you do ANYTHING.

  1. I’m guessing he didn’t cum? That’s his fault. Either that or she didn’t want to do something crazy, like suck his cum from her asshole using a clear plastic tube, or something like that… Ugh, I’m still drunk at work this morning. I drank a bottle of good vodka last night.

    1. He didn’t develop correctly growing up. Kids that don’t do anything but play video games never develop their brains normally. Their pituitary glands and thyroids don’t develop well either. That’s why all the young boys have to take Viagra at 13 to get erections. We have alot of that here in the Uh.S.

    2. Well, the bitch can keep it as far as I’m concerned. Anything that came out of the same turdcutter as 2lolo can expect to NEVER see my magic wand.

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