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    1. actually, she is right…arabic country’s speak french as a second language…if you go to north africa and say’re saying whats up/hello…you all fail big style

    1. These “freed” people you speak of…. do you forget that one of them is running our coutry? I’d like to see you out wit him in a conversation.

    1. You know that lots of arabic country speaks french because of colonization right? And you know that muslim are peaceful except when you drop bomb daily on their “desert monkeys” face ? that s why their is in fact (real life fact , not liar media fact) not much problem with muslim in france.

    2. You’re a fucking idiot. I don’t care how many Muslims or Jews or Christians speak French. It doesn’t make it Arabic. You’re just a fuck-face who wants to argue every single point, just to be an ass. I know a lot of Americans who speak Spanish — that doesn’t make it English.

      Fucking idiot.

    3. go fuck yourself… you aint stopping me from doing shit you no lifer twat…you must just sit in your room, angry at the world because no one give’s a shit about what you have to say…well done, your most interesting personality trait is anger

  1. @H. en plus d’avoir des propos racistes, tu ne sais pas ce que veux dire “bonjour” ? Evidemment qu’elle n’a pas raison.

    1. Ok, cheese. I have no problem with the race, but I have a big problem with the stupidity. There’s my reason.

  2. wow, that’s impressive.
    We French are supposed to be dirty and coward but it’s nothing compared to racism… disgusting. Go buy some machine-gun and shot yourself (before McDonald’s do it)

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