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    1. He isn’t a “wacky Indian” He is a fucking Pakistani. India’s country code is 91, Pakistan is 92

    1. hmmm… ok… i see were this is going…

      see the world is at a crisis, so every one is waiting for the Jews to fix it?
      Why is it every time something is wrong. everyone always expects us to fix the problem.
      I get it we are the peace makers and have solutions to everyone’s problems.
      But please people give us a break.. We have done allot for the world… and I know majority of the worlds population is thankful for it but at the end of the day we are only human.

      Just because god has chose us as his loyal worshipers it does not mean we have to spend every second of our life trying to fix the problems that those moose-lames created. Yes we are grate yes we are the true religion and YES we are gods chosen people.

      also i would be very happy if most of you people come to terms with your ego and just accept that Jews are gods blessed people. We will indeed rule the world in the near future. and believe me, people under our ruling would be better of then the stinky west’s oppressive power. We come in peace, we are here to bring peace.

      and to those who oppose our power.. will die.. and people who dont want to be ruled under the Jews… to bad, so be it…

      last of all i would like to thank Pat Condell for spilling the truth about islam. and putting them in there spot. Thank you and my god bless you with paradise.

      Long Live Israel Long Live Zion !

      Love Respect Peace !

    1. @Finger Fuck FRED Isn’t that your cell number??? Your cell number been posted in all of Alabama Pubic Toilets…….

    1. True, but this girl doesn’t look like she’s even gone through puberty yet. Is that “THE” Jessica Alba? She looks, maybe, nine?

    1. Lol I just looked at his FB photos, and he’s got all these badly shopped photos of him with lots of chicks hahaha. What a legend!

  1. Dipsht. Nice to know you Jews can spell. Take over the world? Good luck. If America wasn’t funding your stupid little make-believe country you zionists would have had your tiny little Jew cocks blown off the planet for good. Good luck with all your Heebie Jeebie

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