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    1. …and I actually wrote “feckin” …damnit, the one thing I had promised myself I’d never do on the web…

    2. Oh, in case anyone was wondering: The tune is actually “Phil the Fluter’s Ball”, a classic Irish Ballad

    3. hmmm… ok… i see were this is going…

      see the world is at a crisis, so every one is waiting for the Jews to fix it?
      Why is it every time something is wrong. everyone always expects us to fix the problem.
      I get it we are the peace makers and have solutions to everyone’s problems.
      But please people give us a break.. We have done allot for the world… and I know majority of the worlds population is thankful for it but at the end of the day we are only human.

      Just because god has chose us as his loyal worshipers it does not mean we have to spend every second of our life trying to fix the problems that those moose-lames created. Yes we are grate yes we are the true religion and YES we are gods chosen people.

      also i would be very happy if most of you people come to terms with your ego and just accept that Jews are gods blessed people. We will indeed rule the world in the near future. and believe me, people under our ruling would be better of then the stinky west’s oppressive power. We come in peace, we are here to bring peace.

      and to those who oppose our power.. will die.. and people who dont want to be ruled under the Jews… to bad, so be it…

      last of all i would like to thank Pat Condell for spilling the truth about islam. and putting them in there spot. Thank you and my god bless you with paradise.

      Long Live Israel Long Live Zion !

      Love Respect Peace !

    4. You know, it’s fuckers like you that make me want to support Iran in getting some nukes to fuck you up. You’d do very well to shut your lying stupid mouth, dipshit. What have you fuckers done other than extort money and hoard it? And what little money you give up goes straight to lobbyist. So, please, please show where I’m wrong.

    5. Oh my.. I finally get to say it..

      Well now, that escalated quickly!

      *insert proper meme here*

  1. would be some ugly children to bear with any of this family. I’m sure my son would be born bowlegged and wouldnt be able to run either if i procreated with these gene pool failures.

    1. Albert, seems you’re on your own mate. By now you ought to know that trying to educate people n this site is a feckin’ waste of time.

    2. Albert is right. Belfest is in Northern Ireland. It is one of the four regions that make up the United kingdom. England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The rest of Ireland is a Republic. Alright, geography lesson is over for the day, run along children.

    3. No Albert is dead wrong. Belfast is in Ireland. The Island as a whole is Ireland. Therefore anything that resides with-in is in Ireland. Northern Ireland is part of the UK just as Scotland and Wales are, for example Glasgow is in Scotland. Northern Ireland as mentioned is part of the UK but it is still part of the Island of Ireland.

    4. Neil, Neil, Neil… You don’t say “in” when you refer to an island. “Belfast is in Ireland” is incorrect. You could say “Belfast is on Ireland” if you wanted to.

  2. This is more of a win, I think, because the dog obviously has a mental blip, but he still has a family and “siblings” who love him unconditionally.

    1. c: Cerebellar ataxia is what causes this kind of movement: Damage to the part of the brain that coordinates and synchronizes movement. The cause differs, my own dog was born with it, due to either brain malformation or hypoxia at birth. Yes, it can be caused by illness, but more likely not. Don’t assume it’s an illness – that’s just the way she is!!!

  3. This pug has a mental condition that causes her to “run” like this. I can’t believe it’s on this site. Rude.

  4. I think it’s sad when people make fun of someone, be it a pet or a human, with a disability. Loca, doesn’t realize she has a disablity, her family loves ehr very much and how would you feel if someone posted your disabled child and said they failed? Loca is a win.

  5. Loca is a win in my book, she is a wonderful lucky little pug whos family takes wonderful care of a special needs doggie!!!

  6. This is a great video! Shows, even with a MILD disability you can still be the same as everyone else and have fun! Oojee Boojee

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