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  1. John Lennon would be spinning in his grave!! I can’t understand why the people there clapped, actually they were probably glad it was over! I wonder if she’ll get a job judging X-Factor?

    1. Yes: How could John Lennon.. or rather WHY??? Ugh, wait, I’m gonna reword that question once I managed to stop my ears from bleeding.

      Well, but just in case you were wondering: While the woman in the video is indeed Yoko Ono and she has indeed performed this piece of…uh… art, it was actually never intended to be a cover of “Fireworks”. Someone just dubbed the piano over the original video of Yoko Ono’s performance (which originally had no instrumental accompaniment whatsoever) – the original youtube vid can be found under /watch?v=HdZ9weP5i68

    2. @Finger Fuck FRED Don’t Yoko Ono Sound just like you when Grave Digger JIMMY FUCK you with the BaseBall Bat??? YES you do sound like her…. I was Fucking JIMMY Sister when you and JIMMY came over………

  2. Are you fucking blind? She’s having a Heart attack, I can’t believe it guys, when you see an old lady, mmm “screaming” for some help, you don’t clap, you call an ambulance!

  3. That was hideous, an insult to Katy Perry, an insult to art, insult to the music industry, insult to humanity, insult to the screeching cats that were going for broke in my neighbour’s yard last night (sorry cats, I will never yell at you for waking me up at 3am while your fucking your brains out), somebody Jihad the bitch.

    1. Actually, that was pretty close to those screeching cats fucking their brains out in your neighbors yard last night, right?

  4. What does “ART” idiots dont understand is that the real song is the true “ART”, that cat imitation is nothing more than garbage.

    1. I don’t think a deaf person could find “beauty” in that shit. Bet you’d find beauty in 2lolo’s diarrhea.

    2. @Dasein Don’t mine FRED… FRED is up-set because no one makes a VIBRATES BIGGER than His Baseball Bat…

    3. She probably went to her dressing room and made fun of the stupid people who called that ‘Art’. Yoko Ono could fart nto the microphone and someone will call it art.


  5. why r people so fucking stupid, when in the hell is the stupid race gonna die….if thats art by making orgasm noises, then hell sign me up i can do that……oooohhhh…..hooo haaaaa……oh.oooooooo…..eeeeeeehhhhh……huh.huh.huh.huuuuuhh..see now im a artest, i call that “The leaves of a dirt crumb path”

  6. I don’t care if it was faked, dubbed over a piano track, art, a heart attack or other, it makes me want to slam that no talent psycho in face with a 30lb sledge hammer repeatedly until the sound of her voice is gone from my head.

  7. Debbie Gibson and New Kids on the Block called, they want their hats back. Also they want you horribly mangled then burnt at the stake.

  8. Seriously, WHAT.THE.FUCK?? The first part of that I wasn’t sure if she being strangled or having a mind blowing orgasm. Either way I did not come away from this unscathed…

  9. If anybody on this whole entire post had one bit of common sense they would realize she is discriminating Katie Perry’s horrible and senseless so-called-music. Why? Yoko comes from a generation where people cherish and put thought and innovation into there works of art and music. Nowadays when you hear any hit song its hardly/never even written, produced or sang by the artist portraying the song. Sad to see so much well written music go down the shitter for over a decade because the people are dying off. Katie is seriously over fucking rated, she sounds like shit and looks like rosie o’donnell who lost a few pounds. Search Katie Perry Rosie O’Donnell on google.

  10. This is so sad that its not even funny!!! Do people really think of this as art??? I almost feel bad for her!!! She should’ve left John to the singing!! I thought she was having a heart attack and how did she not see the people starting to crowd around and stare at her like an idiot!! She should never show her face in public again!!

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