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    1. shit I thought it was… even when he was doing the “robot spaz” thing… untill people rushed up, lol i thought it was the show!!!!
      Check out the dickhead on the bottom far left when he lands – dude just takes off!!! HAHAHA!!!!

  1. “No! Don’t worry about potential spinal damage, just grab a leg, I’ll take an arm and we’ll drag him off the stage in two different directions. We need to keep dancing like dick heads.”

    1. “this way”
      “no, THIS way”
      “let go!”
      “I’ve got him”
      “I’ve got his head”
      “Leggo his foot”
      “Where’s the exit?”
      “This way?”
      “No, uhh..lessee…”

    2. Why do you have to be so mean? Im pretty sure none of them knew what was going on since the kid fell when they all had their backs turned.

  2. My biggest fear isn’t landing on my head and neck… It’s prayer the idiots around me don’t pick me up like that afterwards.
    Instead of screaming or moaning I will just yell “DON’T TOUCH ME”

  3. hmm… bordering on uncomfortable to watch….
    can you not edit out the death spasms, or exercise some… uh… decency?
    nm, wrong place.

    1. If you think that was uncomfortable to watch and think that posting it on the web is indecent, using a computer may not be for you. Maybe you should try knitting or living in a bubble with a clawless cat named Mr. Douchebag.

    1. Wow, if that is the scariest thing you have ever seen a person do, you are either the most brilliant newborn ever to visit epicfail or this is your first time on the internet.

  4. Amazing how people don’t understand he could have a severe spinal cord injury and just all grab him by a limb. That is just terrifying to watch.

  5. This shit started off kinda boring, but after he pulled off that back drop and got warmed up his moves were Ill SON!!!!
    He looked like he got fly swatted!!!!!

  6. Fucking idiots. Why is it every video i see of somebody falling on to their head/neck, people rush over and move the person. I honestly think the amount of people that know not to do that numbers in the >1%

  7. Why in the hell would they move him?! Oh, he just landed on his back/neck/head… no big deal. Let’s move him off to the side. We gotta keep dancing. Who cares about spinal injuries?


  8. His “death spasms” as someone referred to them are what happens when your brain recoils off of the inside of your skull and you lose consciousness. It doesn’t always happen but is very common in MMA, contact sports and random stupid acts.

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