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    1. i fucking hate dj’s, they get all the glory for non of the effort and people fall for it all the time, producers are the real people but for some reason thats not impressive to women..not that i use that as a chat up line anyway but when women ask me what i do, i tell them im a producer and they say “oh.. ok” but when i say im a dj, women say ” omg wow thats soooo cool, let me suck your cock on the spot you sexy wanabe” RANT RANT FUCKING RANTY RANT AT THE FUCKING WORLD… thats actually a true story and i hope you all felt like you was their with me on that one

    2. David Guetta is PRODUCER pretending to be a DJ. This video is BS for a host of reasons. Her lip-syncing is ridiculous as him doing whatever it is he is pretending to do. I DJ for love of music not hoping some girl wants to blow me. Sounds like someone has “platter envy”?!?!

    3. @ militaryminded85 : this guy clearly IS a producer – not a DJ – that’s why he doesn’t give a f**k about whether decks ar plugged at all. Djs can be good and shitty – same applies to producers. Placing every1 in 1 bag is just narrow-minded behaviour, not to mention rude and stupid. I’m “only a DJ” but i don’t give a shit about girls ,fame ,money or whatever – I pick up and mix music that I love for poeple who want to come to my parties. Btw – i could brab all day about wacky producers who want loads of money for their sets and when they come play ,they don’t even pay attention to what’s going on on the dancefloor – just play their pre-selected material… there are always two sides of story, unless you are not an intelligent being ,off course 🙂

  1. Come on dumbass! Get up! We’ve got a routine to do! What the hell are you doing laying on the floor!!? Alright his neck is broken so let’s all drag him in different directions while he’s unable to speak. Definitely dieded!

    1. people always thought that dj’s had some sort of talent but dj david guetta gave the game away and now people are starting to see that dj stands for dick juggling

    2. Whats funny is that not one piece of that equipment is connected to anything including any kind of electrical power. That and neither of them have any microphones, conventional or wireless. It’s a complete and total scam. And a bad one at that. Not a thing was happening when he was touching any of those pan knobs and definitely no scratching when he was jogging the disc machines. Hard to get sound out of equipment that is turned off not connected to each other and certainly not connected to any kind of amplifier.

  2. This is from my neighbor country Serbia and the whole Balkans are thrilled with these fake musicians, if I could describe you the music scene on the Balkans, it would be simple as Lil’ Wayne every fucking time with huge boobs and normally fake music!

  3. there are no records on the turntables. she is quite obviously lip synching. and neither of them are using a microphone of any kind yet their voices are being amplified. also, the “DJ” is wearing headphones to listen to his mixing. fail all around.

  4. That whole song, video is a fail because that is not music if a computer is doing all the work. What a bunch of talentless pussies.

    1. get with the times mate, the first tron movie never won a grammy for best special effects because they said tron producers cheated by using computers for all the effects lol now CGI is the standard for special effects and you better get used to CGM because it will be the standard for making music in the not too distant… i mean it has been since the mid 80s but your’re just clocking on to it now… analog is becoming obsolete and as soon as we master the sound of analog, its over…it takes the same amount of talent to play an electric piano as it is to play an acoustic one…i wish it wasnt, but it is, im sorry

  5. you dj haters dont know shit about a dj`s work !! sure it might look like they dont do nothing but let me tell you something…most famous dj`s are producers because if not there would be no financial reason to send them around the globe to rock people everywhere with mixes of two to four tracks creating something that wasnt there before or just mixing two tracks into another because thats waht most of electronic music was made for from the producers who might not be djing !! i am a dj for about twelve years now and i want to see one you mixing for several hours creating atmosphere and harmony with and between diferent kinds of music ! that guy in the video and the david guettas are fools and they are not respected by any real dj…they are sell outs making fools of them selves !

  6. My two favorite parts:

    1. The equipment not being plugged into anything.
    2. The girl not remembering when to lip sing and hearing her sing long notes with her mouth completely shut.

    1. Even though there is, that wasn’t it and DJ Numbnuts & Milli Vagazzle there didn’t even play the lie well.

  7. Not only are the consoles not plugged in, but they found some rickety, wobbly crate thing to “dj” on and the lip synching is terrible. The dj was to deter attention away from the singer. I think I saw people laughing in the audience.

  8. Is that Czech? Well, I don’t know whether to find this simply stupid or REALLY stupid… After all the world is full of talentless people, TV is full of bad lip-synching and rather than feeling annoyed I’m just bored…

    1. Or no, maybe not Czech…might very well be some Balkan language… I only guessed from that little phrase in the top-left corner “život u trendu”, knowing “život” means “life” in Czech… yet ye olde trusty google translator told me it means the same in Croatian (and therefore possibly in other balkan languages) Well, I’m going for Croatian now as the song’s language doesn’t sound like Czech at all.

  9. militaryminded most top dj’s are nearly always producers too e.g chemical brothers dj sneak … basically every dj i can think of also produces sadly including david guetta what have you ever produced apart from a steaming turd every morning before you start your mcdonalds shift?

    1. Your name says it all, if you are going to comment and say something like “now of days”, say nothing, you are nobody.

  10. the equipment are CDJ 800’s and a Pioneer DJM 800, neither of these are available with any wireless mode.

    David Guetta does this too, and you twats pay $50 to go and see him. Go support DJ’s in your local clubs that actually work for their money

  11. To every dipshit that mentioned wireless, spoiler alert, the back of that mixer and both turntables have ports on the back, not to mention the power supply ports which aren’t connected to anything.

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