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  1. That’s an EPIC FAIL. The kid with the 8 is in the 7 spot and holding his up at the right time while the kid with the 7 is the one throwing the fit that the other kid is doing it wrong. Too funny!!!!

    1. It’s funny how a racists entire life is spreading hate and discontent? Sound like a minion of the devil to me.

    2. hahahaha nicely said, and to Jeff it is said left handed people are the devils minions……..I AM LEFT HANDED!!!

  2. What happened to the stories on epicfail? I used to love reading those things, but for the past couple of months it’s been nothing but that same story about the girl swiping shit into her cunt because she’s a dumb, nasty bitch. Why is the block to put in stories gone? I’d like to know what’s going on with that.

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