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  1. You, all of you, are just DICKS…
    You say this guy is heartless ? what what do you do for all other people that are dying daily ? There are kids dying from diseases you don’t even know, girls are rapped to death, grandma’s are killed for a bunch of dollars AND YOU DON’T CARE FOR THOSE…
    Kill yourself. You are vain, stupid and arrogant idiots.

    1. To Grebzog,
      You call everyone on here arrogant, soulless, and vain? What utter nonsense.
      First off, kid (I am assuming due to the atrocious use of grammar in your comment), is to the question of what we have done for those suffering or in need. Unlike you, I actually have philanthropies to accomplish and charities to help run for those fighting cancer, children in need, etc. You assume that everyone commenting is nothing more than a lazy piece of crap and yet I have the striking feeling that you have done nothing more than sit on your ass and type up some brainless comment.
      Secondly, that guy is actually heartless. I could care less about what his personal opinion may be but posting it publicly for all the grieving relatives and friends to see on how little he cares on the deaths is completely disrespectful and rude to all who are trying to have a moment of solace and compassion.
      Lastly, if I was on the street and I just read the comment you left AND I saw your grandmother on the street, I would personally go up to her, shank her ten times in the abdomen, and then rob her while laughing at your pathetic life of reading my comment and hating me for being so awesome…and robbing your ugly looking grandmother.
      Love Always,
      Your Superior

    2. So, how many women have you saved from being RAPPED TO DEATH since making this comment, dumbfuck?

  2. All of you seem to think it would be a good idea to ban guns but as soon as you see someone’s stupid Facebook comment the first thing you want to do is kill them. Guns need to be kept. That kid obtained the guns illegally so the gun laws actually work. Even if he didn’t have a gun he could have killed them with a chainsaw knives rope poison fire explosives crossbow bow and arrow machetes axes ect..

  3. First of all, “heart” isn’t the past tense of hear. Second, I want to pound this guy’s face with his own kidneys as much as the next guy, but good luck trying to find this guy on Facebook. I checked and there are too many Justin Scotts to know which one wrote the cruel message about the shooting in Newtown.

  4. Your r a asshole!!!!!!! Wtf is wrong with you???? Do you have any kids or neices or nephews??? Of course its all over the news nd web! Some asshole killed children nd adults for his own selfish need… Everyone in the world needs to know what assholes can do… Go fuck your self!

  5. Soooo…
    This has stirred up the usual array of commentary we have come to expect in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Whether you agree or disagree with gun ownership, don’t worry too much about meaningful changes to the gun laws. There is too much money at stake for either side to compromise on anything. Congress will throw the pacifists a bone by restricting the magazine size for the semis, and a high ranking Republican will tell the NRA to back down and let it go.
    As for the mental health cluster-fuck, don’t expect anything meaningful to happen there, either. Again, the damn money thing comes up. We don’t have the $$ (or the stones) to lock all of the crazies up, and even if we tried to start locking them up the legal system would claim some rights infringement or unlawful imprisonment.
    We have one of those big outdoor outfitter stores up the road. As soon as the comments were made about stricter gun control, there were no parking spaces available and the store ran out of every popular gun type and ran out of ALL of the available ammo in about 9 hours.
    As for Justin (aka spoiled douchebag fuckwad bitch), one of the news shows probably ran over the first 10 minutes of The Simpsons and he just couldn’t contain himself. He’ll be fine after the beatings stop. Hope he’s old enough to have dental records, the doctors will need some way to make a positive ID.

  6. What happened to the this guy’s right to speak his mind? All of the anti-gunners want to put a bullet in his head, but no one should have guns. What a bunch of hypocrites and assholes. Justin, I totally disagree with what you had to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it, and these mind-controlling liberal shitbags and hypocrit eurotrashers here can go fornicate themselves.

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