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    1. Who said anything about gun laws? He’s just saying that all this bs on the news isnt actually helping anyone at this point, its just people going on and on and dragging it out and pushing their own personal agendas, giving people a reason to watch the news (money.) They actually said today that schools in connecticut had increased security today. That makes NO sense, this wasnt gang violence, it wasnt terrorism, it was an isolated incident. But people do all this to make themselves feel better, not actually make any real difference.

  1. please god, if you’re not going to prevent people being killed pointlessly can you at least blow a bullet in this fucker’s direction?

  2. Hundreds of children have died from drone strikes ordered by the president and i don’t hear about it on the news. Americans are not outraged by that. 20 american children die because of some lunatic and now americans are outraged, and many are exploiting it to further a political agenda. *slow clap* Bravo america. You’ve mastered narcissism

    1. Completely agree with you. I’ve couldn’t have said it better myself. Those Americans have killed thousands of children and deserve to get punished much more than this.

    2. I’m not happy when any child dies. My post is about the lack of outrage towards atrocities commited against other countries by my country. It sickens me that my country can be so outraged when our own children die, but care so little when we cause so many deaths of other nations children.

    3. You stupid fuck. Do you even watch the fucking news? Maybe you’re watching some Sesame Street bullshit news because the news that I watch has mentioned the drone strikes plenty of times and has also mentioned the innocent lives of children that have been lost.
      Get off your holy fucking high horse and just shut the fuck up.

    4. So, what should we do? Sit around and call each other names and raise hell about issues that have little to do with this situation?

    5. The fact of the matter is that the earth has 6 billion people more than it can sustain and maintain itself. If you killed 6 out of every 7 people you’d be helping the earth out and possibly saving more lives in the long run.

    6. Funny how people say things like a drone killed innocent children and flips that and say that American should be killed for it, take innocent people’s death and kill more innocent peoples because of that, Hate the government, people don’t chose to be born somewhere…how hypocrite.

    7. So filipkir-all Americans deserve to be “punished” for what the gov’t is doing? I would like to know what country you are from that is so innocent.

    8. I agree 100% Fthis State, I must say I have seen the drone attacks on the news but all of about the 10 second report of:
      “Another drone attack kills 10 Woman and 5 Children”

      They may as well just say:
      “Another drone attack kills 10 Woman and 5 Children but moving onto the next story as nobody gives a flying fuck”

      Where as the shootings in the US have been on world news again for about 3 weeks now.

  3. Why would you post this on your site. I highly suggest you take it off. This is NOT a fail. Just some ignorant asshole who deserves to be shot in the face.

    1. I hate it when people use: “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people’. Do you think the Newtown shooter would have killed that many people without guns? What would happen if he ran in to the school and started punching people to death? Yes, people kill people, but they kill people much more efficiently with guns. And don’t get me wrong, I love guns. One of the first things I did when I went visited Uhmerica was shoot an M16. But the US really needs to sort out their gun problem AND their crazy people problem.

    2. subhumans an idiot, dude did you ever read up on that Chinese guy who recently knifed 20 some kids. didn’t kill em but that could have easily been rectified. But obviously he had enough time to cut there fingers off. No… people kill people the gun is just a preference of weaponry

    3. Mind your own fucking business Subhuman.As soon as our police and military disarm, I will too. Until then faggots like you need to keep your mouth shut and out of our affairs. BTW, a bomb would be much cheaper and easier to make and it would have caused much more damage.

    4. But bombs don’t kill people, people kill people remember. Buying a gun is a lot easier than buying the necessary chemicals to create a bomb, and pulling a trigger doesn’t require the necessary intelligence to build a big enough bomb to destroy so many people. And I’m not saying you should disarm, faggot, but do you really need a fucking minigun or a 50. cal to protect yourself from someone coming in to your house? And why Cops or Soldiers? Are you planning on robbing a bank, or starting a war with Canada anytime soon? I think the correct thing you should say is: As soon as my fellow citizens disarm, I will too. Anyway, say what you want. Why don’t you go back to playing minecraft, you little fucking geek.

    5. Subhuman, Tex’s point was that if we managed to ban guns, crazies would then build bombs more often, like they did in the 19th century and early 20th when guns were scarcer.

  4. I lived in Newtown for many years, and this REALLY pisses me off. I liked this site, but I will no longer come here for the lack of judgement allowing this to be posted.
    “It didn’t happen to you or me” It happened to ALL of us, as Americans you ignorant fuck. Not to mention the families and friends of the people killed. God, I wish I could see this fuck tard in person.

    1. It did not happen to you accidentally, you did it to yourself by having that shitty kind of culture. Or how would you explain that this happens almost only in the USA?

    2. So you’re seriously not going to come back because this site said that the fucker who wrote that blog is a failure? Good call, bro.

    3. So why would you not come back, if this was posted as a fail? I understand if it said epic win, then your post would make sense. But they are saying, “look at this guy, this is bad, it is a fail.” Can you explain this to me?

    4. Skindred I think you missed the intent here. Notice they didn’t block out the name as they usually do on facebook posts? Obviously they wanted to expose this asshole.

  5. God bless .. Ireland , where the only ones who could hurt kids or people are sheeps.. or the german sheperd running after ’em. Whatever, I read the news, I’m depressed now, deeply depressed. the world is coming to an end my lovelies.

  6. I always find it interesting that douches like this are always severely lacking in grammatical abilities. I guess that’s probably because they’re idiots in every way…

    1. I don’t understand virtually everything the spazz wrote was either grammatically or definitively wrong.

      How can anyone be upset when an obvious head case spews unintelligible gibberish?

  7. Actually I agree with the guy.I, Myself am tired of hearing all this crap. It happened and it sucks. I agree to that, but a lot worse happens everyday in many other places and you don’t see it on the news or people who are not involved sticking their noses into the sorrow and pain of those families. If any of those poor people wanted your help, opinions or anything else they would have said so. Yes I agree it’s a tragedy, but it is not your tragedy so if you were not involved you should keep your nose out of it.

    1. The news media is the ones you have a problem with, milking this story for all it’s worth. But are we to do something, discuss gun control, discuss doing something about mental retards that do this kind of thing or do we just carry on like nothing happened?

    2. Fred: But why do you want to discuss it now? It’s late by a century. I don’t think everybody in your country is stupid, but it seems so, because for me it’s clear that having a gun virtually in every family (yes, I know it’s not true in all states) means that every one psycho hidden in a million will have access to a gun. And it’s also clear for me that having the kind of healthcare you have will efficiently ruin any prevention of psychological disorders amongst certain part of population.

    3. Well, I don’t really care whether it’s discussed here or not, but since it has been brought up like this comment that has been posted, it will be discussed here. Just sit back and watch.
      My problem with the whole issue of discussing anything like this with Americans is that the discussion will always go off on tangents and wind up being a bunch of name calling. Nothing’s accomplished.
      Personally, I can’t see getting into a gun-control discussion because it’s a deadend one. What I’d like to find out is why so many mental cases are flipping out here in this country. It’s obvious that these people doing these shootings are off their rockers. That seems to be what needs discussed. These guys would have done something similar even without guns. Granted it would probably not be as bad.
      I agree with what you said, Spokk, but do we shut up and just continue with business as usual? I understand that if you live outside the U.S. it’s not really your concern, but I consider anyones’ input valuable as long as it sticks with the subject. There will, no doubt, be the usual racist and stupid remarks, too. That’s already been going on in the usual online forums.

    4. Did the soldiers, who fought for YOUR freedom during TRAGIC war, think — ‘Oh, Bleh — it’s not MY problem.’ ??? You, my friend, are your problem.

    5. Fred: I didn’t mean you should not do anything about it. But first step leading to succes would be admitting that the situation should have been resolved much sooner, and that it’s whole society’s fault. You just can’t act like you are fucking solving it super properly. Admit fault -> find solution.
      BTW: Usual racism and stupidity remarks are also your own fault, and they are not restricted to internet forums. In Central Europe, they are used very commonly in normal communication.

    6. Change page on internet, close your tv when it’s on, you’re not tied down and forced to watch or talk about it, show some self control for Christ’s sake

  8. yeah Justin you suck and ur facebook page sucks. How about getting a real job. I’m sure those kids who died would’ve accomplished a lot more than you like college.

  9. What happened to the stories on epicfail? I used to love reading those things, but for the past couple of months it’s been nothing but that same story about the girl swiping shit into her cunt because she’s a dumb, nasty bitch. Why is the block to put in stories gone? I’d like to know what’s going on with that.

  10. SOUND like an ass?? Asses always stink, but the mess can be cleaned up — there is no cure for what you are. It is YOU who would not be missed, dude. (Certainly not by a well-aimed bullet — you just painted a target on your back! How’s it feel???) Merry Christmas, asshole.

  11. I dont think we should ban guns, if someone was going to use a gun in the way the shooting took place. They can easily obtai nan illegal one. Changing the law won’t change how the world works. It will just make you feel like you did something. There has been times guns have done good.

  12. Well you it’s just 20/28 ppl.
    Who cares. Some ppl believes that 21 Dec the world will be fked too. That’s MORE then 20/28 ppl’s.
    So we will meet them in a few days.

  13. I Facebook stalked him yesterday out of curiousity of what his friends thought about that status. He deleted it. Go figure….Such a bad ass.

    1. I have tried aswell, but reached the same conclusion! I dont think his Gf is with him anymore, and im pretty sure all of his friends turned their backs on him !

  14. If I ever see this sick fuck on the street I would slap him so hard he wouldn’t be able to muster up the brain cells to ever say something that idiotic! For the other six retards who liked this dumb-fucks post should be ashamed of yourselves. NO children’s murder should be mocked like this. SMH

  15. Are all of you people retarded? He never once said any of this was good, or anything like that. Who’s mocking? Who’s saying its OK? All he said was hes tired of hearing about it. You are all selfish, and picking on him because you cant deal with your own emotions about what happened; you just picked this guy and started blasting him because he was an easy target. Because he’s not crying and sobbing to show everyone how compassionate he is. Especially those of you who are actually saying you would like to see him in person, or physically harm him. If you had a gun, would you shoot him? Maybe you’d go to his office and shoot him, and if a co worker got hit, that would be OK because he was such a bad person? You don’t see the problem with this? Slapping him may not be as serious as shooting him, but its still a mindset of harming others because you don’t like them. Maybe you shouldn’t act so high and mighty.

    1. Desensitized people like Justin Scott are the ones who commit crimes as the one he could care less about. Fuck him and you y’all are both ignorant!

    2. Remarks like these fucking kids and who gives a fuck if they are dead is mocking the situation and is very disrespectful. You would expect this from a adolescent not an adult. Its definetely a mockery and notwerby your the only one who is retarded these are the words of a true dickhead. If you were saying some dumb shit to my face like this I would blast your childish ass too. Words of a father and a non violent man who doesn’t tolerate retards like you and Justin!

    3. Agreed. This Justin guy never said the shooting was a good thing. He was just pointing out that things like this happen a lot. Not exactly to the Newtown degree, but people die every day. And you’re not helping yourself or anyone by saying that you want to kill Justin Scott, because that makes you just as cruel as the gunman of the shooting. You are demented if you can’t see that YOU’RE the ass for wanting to hurt someone just for expressing his opinion. So PLEASE, just shut your gelatinous face-holes and go rethink your choices about wanting to hurt this man in any way.

    4. So as far as the desensitized people committing crimes like this, do you have a reference for that? Because if you are going to try and go down that path of violent video games desensitizing people and making them violent, that has been proven to be false. Furthermore, it may be insensitive, but people need to grow up. Unless of course you think he should be censored, the first amendment isn’t that important anyway right? Millions of people all over the world get offended every day. They deal with it. You may act like this is so inappropriate because you have kids, then go into work and make jew or black jokes with your co workers. Or say that gays shouldn’t get married and they are freaks of nature. The bottom line is everyone finds certain things offensive and certain things to be acceptable. What gets me is people being so self centered as to thinking that when they are offended, they need to get on a soapbox and denounce others around them, and take the moral high ground. What i called people retarded for is automatically jumping from this guy being insensitive, to branding him a sociopath, or saying he wants bad things to happen to kids. Bad things happen all around the world everyday, that’s life, we don’t need it shoved down our throats non stop just because the news known people will tune in. I guess your walls at home are covered with pictures of tribal genocide in Africa, human rights violations in china, womens rights violations in the middle east, sex slavery in eastern Europe (and elsewhere.) Because apparently if its not being shown to you all day and paraded around, it isn’t bad. is that what you are saying?

  16. I don’t understand how this is a fail. He’s just stating an opinion. I’m actually on his side. I couldn’t care less about what happened in Connecticut. Clearly whoever posted this is a stupid woman. I mean seriously, A compassion-fail? that’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard all week.

  17. I’m not sure if any of you can tell or not but this looks like a very crafty case of photoshop. Seen by the slightly discolored border around the sentences and picture.

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