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  1. I looked this kid up on Facebook and was disturbed to find we had 6 mutual friends, he lives in my city fort Wayne, Indiana and bartends at a local bar, legends. Saddened people like him exist, even more so that my friends are friends with people like that. Makes me question their judgment. Praying for all the victims of this and every tragedy always.

    1. haha i kinda agree with justin. well not the selfish part of
      it didn’t happen to you or me”. just the fact it already happened why keep talking about it? also on another topic, the marine that was guarding a school after the whole shooting thing just happened is called a hero? bull shit that guy is going to go back to beating his wife in a month. he just wanted fame. the word “hero” doesn’t mean shit these days. people use the word hero way to damn lightly.

  2. Noone but their families should care or do care…

    I don’t see the fail in his text?

    Him using “heart” is the only thing that comes to mind, but EPIC fail, nahh not really…

  3. Wow. Well, if you check out this Justin Scott’s Facebook you’ll notice that practically EVERY post has to do with going to the bar and drinking. So, he has a pathetic social life to begin with, he’s probably an alcoholic, he can’t spell, and he’s obviously a cold-hearted person. Just because something doesn’t happen to you doesn’t make it any less significant. 20 young, innocent souls were lost tragically. Souls that still had the potential to make this world a better place, unlike this selfish dousche, Justin Scott. Do us all a favor and drink yourself to death.

  4. first of all forestkrump i dont agree with what your saying think about the love ones they lost stop being selfish ur saying not the selfish part but all of it is selfish

  5. Forrest krump you dumb ass waste of fucking life holy shit. You have to be the most ignorant fuck ever. If only your mother would of swallowed that night this world would of been better off. and to y

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