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    1. you do realize that the direction of the stamped metal is always the same?! turn it by 90,180 and 270° and you will always get the same! -.- and you cannot turn it upside down…you did not realize that?! maybe you do now.

    2. actually, the computer should be opened the other side, so if u open it the right way you should see the extruded swastika.

  1. Because some asshole decided -some 70 years ago- to use this symbol, it’s banned forever?
    Svastikas have been used for millenniums. This is not a fail, the fail is yours to have such little culture/knowledge.

    (Sorry about the poor English)

  2. I have been repairing laptops for many years and I am rather familiar with over 60 models from acer alone. I have never come across anything like this, so I say it’s fake.

  3. yes like every one else with education here, the swatika pointing to the left is a buddist symbol for life. Hitler reversed it specificaly to represent all that is opposite of the buddist/life symbol.
    Hister worshipped death – AND wore womens clothing from the waist down – go figure.

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