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  1. This is stupid. (And I take the time to write this on my iPhone, and drunk, I struggle a lot to do this… but, people need to now… Wtf?… this is why nobody likes your page anymore)

    1. Not true. I look forward every early morning for an email sent from Epic Fail to start and brighten my day. This site bring me laughter in my heart and a huge smile on my face. Hit or miss, it is okay you didn’t get the humor in this, my husband didn’t either. He didn’t notice because he was just eyeing on the bimbo, and not juxtaposing the bimbo with the meaning on the license plate that say IQ 69, which I found hilarious! …….men…. “s-i-g-h”…….

    1. it wouldnt look like anything at all, she would never be able to see the end of your cock let alone be on it.

    1. fred i think 2lolo’s aka “turd breath ” IQ i – 69 because when your parents are brother and sister you are stupid as Hell

  2. Well,american people love to be jealous and stupid 🙂
    You just looove to tatto ”Only God can judge me” and you also love to talk about others and judge them, You’re very good at talking about how should people act in society and treat others. When it comes for you..I’m shocked.
    Do you ever have time for yourself ? Like… going to the gym,going out with friends,making jokes,shopping,listening to music,cooking and others?
    Get a brain please and stop being so mean.. cause you just make others mean and happy to slap your face 😉

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