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  1. How exactly is that a driver fail? The driver didn’t do anything wrong. And to florp… does the man speaking REALLY sound Russian? You are the typical STUPID FUCKING AMERICAN. You couldn’t find Russia on a map, but I’m sure you have every McDonald’s location memorized within 50 miles of your trailer.

    1. Well, judging from the sound they made upon hitting the ground I’m pretty sure they were empty. And if they were colour coded according to the European Standard they contained only non-flammable substances anyway (namely carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide)

    1. The vid is from a dash cam. Lots of people have them now a days incase they get into an accident or something happens where video proof is the best evidence against the “he said, she said” lies.

    2. Dashcams. For insurance purposes and shit like that. It’ll soon be standard on all vehicles, probably. Probably will have them in the back too.

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