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    1. Far left is George Washington; behind him, looking all nonchalant, is Thomas Jefferson; then Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Actually they all have nonchalant expressions.

    1. Yes Grave Digger JIMMY I’m back here with your Mother…… Camping and Fucking ….. Your young sister is down by the river washing her butt hole after I fuck the shit out of her …… Now I’m putting on a Condom, it’s your Mother turn…..

    1. So Fred what will you do??? Ambrosia is naked and bending over…….. DAMN IT FRED !!!!!! Stop looking at her Butt Hole……..

    1. Nah. For one you don’t know if the poster is black. What is more crazy are the people in these comments that don’t even know who the faces are. A testament to the shit hole that America has become.

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