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  1. As if he’s the first guy to use a magic trick to produce a proposal ring… what’s so special about this proposal exactly? I want 4:40 of my life back please.

    1. @FRED That’s not nice to say to Scumbag Steve…..
      When Two of you are FAGS………. Now finger each other ass and make up….. I said Finger each other Ass not Lick each other BUTT HOLE…..

  2. …and then you find out your prego….2 1/2 years later u find out your baby is autistic…3 months after having your first baby, you find out your prego again….also to find out that baby #2 is ALSO autistic….then finding out that your hubby is ALSO autistic…..moral of the story,,,,,anything can happen!

  3. When Finger Fuck FRED Propos to Grave Digger JIMMY it way in a Pubic Toilet Stall # 1…. FRED was Fingering and sucking on Grave Digger Butt Hole.. Just than Graver Digger JIMMY was about to CUM…. FRED ask JIMMY to Marry him, As JIMMY was Cuming JIMMY said YES !!! YES!!! Fuck meeeee…..

  4. If you are making a showoff video of you proposing to your girlfriend, put some effort in as i’ve taken a shit that was more impressive than that. Cunts.

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