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    1. There’s a cord attached to the edge of the carpet that we initially see, passing under to the opposite side and being yanked. You can see it around the 1:16 mark very faintly, diagonal to the wood flooring and the carpet frill bounces up. Someone’s feet are under the table; probably whoever is holding the cord.

  1. This is animal abuse. Animals are sensitive to loud, artificial noises, very funny you have to turn up the speakers so loud the sound gets distorted on the recording. The cat could have as well dropped dead from a heart attack like animals do from fireworks… I’m not any vegan animal rights activist etc. but I don’t see it any funnier than a video of somebody poking a cat with a needle. Hope you morons get what you deserve for this, one way or the other.

  2. FAKE cants can’t jump. But it was jumping before the noise. It was deffo being lifted using a sophisticated pulley system and the music was added after

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