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  1. @Grave Digger JIMMY I feel so sorry for you…… Now you got HIV, Mouth and ASS SYPHILIS…… Give some to your wife FRED……..

    1. 2lolo why do you call jimmy ‘Grave Digger jimmy’? I can understand finger fuck Fred, as it kind of sounds like Freddy Got Fingered, the movie with Tom Green in it.

    2. 2lolo i can understand why you don’t have any friends even your imaginary friends don’t like you either you worthless POS

    3. @sUBHUMAN I call “JIMMY” Grave Digger JIMMY because Grave Digger JIMMY claim to fuck my Mother and Sister…. But they are dead so he must be digger them up to fuck them……

    4. To the Dip-Shit who call himself “ME”….. I hope that you didn’t get SYPHILIS from Grave Digger JIMMY?????

  2. I heard that some homos purposely get HIV. That way they can have all the unprotected sex they can w/o freaking out about getting HIV, cuz they already have it. And since HIV and AIDS is no longer a death sentence nowadays, it’s not something they worry about. Fucking sick.

    1. I can’t believe that actually makes sense to you… That’s like purposely shooting your self in the head because your afraid of dying…. That’s like driving 150 MPH because driving slowly gives you more time on the road to crash…. Yo that is like breaking into your mothers house and stealing everything JUST SO if someone breaks in there’s nothing to steal! Learn to think you clown! God your stupid!

    2. @ygb @Jack
      Dude, have you never heard of Bug chasing? Look it up. It’s real and people do try to infect themselves.. it’s disturbing.

  3. Pretty sure this is a joke. Tattoo shops dont give people tattoo’s if they’re HIV positive, and if they did I wouldnt go there.

  4. if thats a guy it should be on the front and woman it should be tramp stamped. that way anyone who was thinking about sex with them would see it

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