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    1. yup. them bruthuz is goin’ to be givin’ that tight little white asshole some big black anaconda cock on THIS camping trip!!!
      Just can’t figure what the soup & racket’s for just yet LOL

  1. Obvious the white kid’s been kidnapped and will soon be found face down in ditch having been sodomized and robbed of his Iphone, bus pass, and 3 bucks.

  2. A prototypical 4-man team: the smart one (typically the leader), the tough guy, the gadget guy, and the dumb one for comic relief.

  3. This is pretty racist. If that kid was black but wearing the same clothes and looking about the same, this wouldn’t be anything that anyone would pay attention to.
    The idea that white people don’t “fit” with black or vice versa was okay in the 60’s but is ridiculous now.

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