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  1. I don’t get it. Noticed nothing special either win in this video.
    The only FAIL I saw was the fat lady hadn’t ironed her cape.

    1. She cleverly got them to announce her name as “Freakin’ Awesome”, which it almost certainly isn’t. She may have even been angling for “Is Freakin’ Awesome”, though that was unclear. This created a humorous situation for all who were in attendance at the ceremony, and now, thanks to video recording technology, to at least some of the individuals who will view the event on YouTube. I hope this information has been helpful to you, Anal (which I can only assume is not your given name, but that you expected it to evoke humor, similar to the female in the video, but to a lesser extent due to the ease in which you were able to do it, and the baseness of the joke).

  2. @FRED If any Girl pull her panties down, what will you do?? Look at her pussy and tell yourself, someday I will get me one……..

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