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  1. She looks more concerned with not dropping her classy leopard bag and phone. And why do people continually take pics instead of helping? It’s a baby on the ground it’s not that funny

    1. unfortunately graphical witnesses are meant to be like a ghost…. only watching, not notice….. this photo was made by some dude with pro equipment… maybe a paparazzi…. that gal…. jackass…. what a bitch

  2. my question is why wasnt the child strapped in? should of been the first thing she did and i agree why did the photographer help?

  3. I agree with Kamar (well all the above actually) – but seriously the person who took the picture rather than rushing to help the baby is ALMOST as stupid as this fail mother. *Sigh* This is why stupid people should not breed >.<

  4. that’s the old “keep a nigga” baby…. i see it all the time..once the man up and leave, the mom suddenly doesnt give a shit about the baby anymore…or the worst one is when the mom has loads of “keep a nigga” baby’s but the only one that gets loved is the one who’s daddy still around…and people wonder why the world is so fucked up is because 90% of children was brought up by they single mother not giving a shit about them leading to all sorts of psychological problems in adult hood most so for boy because boys are more susceptible to mental scaring and thats why we have rape, murder, and other shit mostly being done by men and the victim is always a women…they be getting back at mommy

    1. wasn’t a speech, 2..saying i should be nominated for something is implying that the only reason you comment is for some sort of.. one up or victory and 3..this isnt in audio, im not standing in your face with a megaphone forcefully subjecting you to my psycho babble bullshit theory’s, you actually have the choice to read what im writing or not.
      will no one differ on an intellectual level with me? im getting no mental stimulation what so ever from this site and im really thinking of leaving it for good because it would seem im the only cunt here WITH A FUCKING PULSE!!!! whoever said i should kill myself is actually right, i should kill myself because what is the fucking point…the girl in the picture has a wedding ring on…, you all could have shot me down with that at least and made my whole argument invalid, but no, you’d rather sit their with that “i like the taste of battery’s” look on your brain dead face’s

    2. Don’t leave MM85, we would miss you. I respect what you have to say most of the time. And Fred is right, it was a good speech and you should have gotten nominated for it

  5. Reminds me of the family guy episode where brittany spears puts out the cigarette on the soft spot of the babies head lol.
    The sad thing is I USE to have a lot of female friends that have done far worse than this chik

  6. Sorry but, if she wants another baby, I’m interested & available!!!
    Would happily push a stroller full of ‘OUR’ kids if ‘OUR’ included me & her!!!!

  7. come onnnnnnn people, she’s a kid herself!!!!!!!!!!!! 23 years old damn it, she doesn’t know how to take good care of an infant, jeeeeeeez!

    1. Well, seeing how I am a 23 year old mom of two children that have never been dumped out of their strollers, swings, bumbos, beds or any other elevated item, I can say that it is not an age thing, but more of a maturity thing. Talking like that, makes you sound just as clueless as this obviously horrible mother is at being a mom.

    2. That’s retarded… Ive been around kids my whole life n known how to properly take care of a child since I was a teen. And rule # 1 of taking care of a kid….GIVE A FUCK!! She should put the phone down n pick up her child.

    3. I think on one hand there’s a chemical, hormonal, or whatever that triggers a mother instinct and on the other the “instinct” is just mirrored from the way they were brought up. IDK.

    1. “Oh that baby screaming in pain in the background? That’s nothing. So anyway, me and Bobby were like, you know, at the mall, and Bobby says to me ‘you’d look good in this dress’, and like, you know, I look at it, and it. was. GREEN! OMG. I was totally like, ew! Helloooo, do do my nails even match green? And then he was like…”

  8. It’s a famous actress but I can’t remember her name… There were also vids of her just throwing the kid back in and just kept walking with the kid upside down.

  9. Phone conversation probably went a little something like ” what’s that Hun? What am I doing right now? Oh, not much, just dropping Timmy at his daycare… What do you mean it’s suppose to be DROPPING OFF?”

  10. This is Peaches Geldof. Daughter of Bob Geldof. It was taken by the paparazzi. Her son, Astala or something like that (Weird name I know) was unhurt.

  11. Who said the baby got dropped? She might have put it down and the baby squirmed out? And only itโ€™s foot is on the ground ffs. She might have been in that second it takes to say โ€œgot to goโ€ and put the phone down to sort the kid out. People on here are such smug twats sometimes.

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