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  1. One night Grave Digger JIMMY was stop by the cops for being drunk…… The cops took JIMMY to jail…. In the Jail Grave Digger JIMMY got Rape by 15 Man…. Now every chance JIMMY has, to go to jail with a smile…….

    1. Awesome! I was going to do some sleuthing and see if I could figure it out. I see it’s on the north-east corner. How did you do it? Do you live there or did you use your Internets?

  2. Love how the cops know he is drunk and they just let the guy smash his face into a pole. What if he cracked his skull on the concrete and died? They need to train cops more on the “protect” part of the “To protect and serve.” pledge.

  3. We don’t they just breathalyze him instead of putting him through the dance auction. They do that with every traffic stop in New Zealand.

    1. Because its more entertaining. I think all field sobriety checks should involve doing the YMCA routine from the village people. The cop has to participate, if you outperform them, then you get to arrest them for DUI. Problem solved

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