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    1. At least he will be more careful afterwards. Some kids need a lesson like this. I went thru the same thing myself once, a heated battery exploded in my face and afterwards I never tried any explosive “experiments” ever again.

    2. That’s too bad. I played with shitloads of fireworks and firearms growing up. But I wasn’t retarded, so I never hurt myself.

    3. Sticking his shattered finger-tip in his ear to stop the busted cochlea from falling out of his ruptured eardrum.

  1. wow poppers arent strong enough to bkow a finger reguardless of how strong you make it, busted ear drum maybe, but spanard down the street rolling by in his 95 honda civic with 2 12’s in the trunk probably has a better chance busting his own ear drum then that homemade super popper.

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