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    1. I think god is more disappointed in a follower who calls himself dudebro then people celebrating his birthday. Congrats ya Jackass, you just made baby Jesus cry

    2. If I had a time machine I’d go back to slap your mother the moment before she decided to get in the car with the John that conceived you, and I’d give him a high five if he promised not to tip her this time. Merry Christmas! 😉

  1. Dudebro 1. Well played 2. I do but it’s difficult to tell who is serious or sarcastic these days 3. Thank you sir, cheers mate.

    1. @KEVIN Sorry DudeTit went back to Scumbag Steve…… Only Scumbag Steve can Suck DudeTits, Tits….. And make DudeTits WET……

    2. @dudebro, get checked at your local clinic, @2lolo, I’m sure the two of them are very happy together ha

  2. This is an annual tradition on 34th Street (think “miracle”) in Baltimore. It draws huge crowds and worthy charities are on hand to accept donations. These people pay their electric bills without complaint. Some even allow the visitors to tour the insides of their homes.

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