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  1. How bad is her real voice that they have to autotune it to the point she sounds like Bumblebee off the Transformers?

    And only coons would like that fat ass she has, and Downs Syndrome looking face.

    1. I thought it was a female version of simon myself but what do I know… oh and her face doesn’t look that downey but the lyrics tell me theres something new “way down syndrome” and it is popping up every with over privileged fuckwads.

    2. Who you calling a coon, Cracker!

      Anyways, I wouldn’t do her anyways… Too ugly and talentless. :-p

    1. Lack of emotion wasn’t the only thing that made it a fail… I think it was also lack of talent, lack of lyrics, lack of hot naked chicks… The only thing that made it worth 3.16 minutes of my life is when the cripple kid went ballistic!

    1. So I’m on this site a lot, just started posting comments recently, now I’m curious. When did the verbal death match begin between you guys? It’s fun to watch don’t get me wrong, just curious on the history here

    2. 2lolo is angry at Fred because Fred dry bummed his sister and mom and then made him suck his knob and he loved that taste and now loves Fred but Fred thinks he’s a cunt.

  2. I want my 3minuted:16sconds back.this video is the reason Mtv does not play music videos anymore, (well that and realloty shows)

    1. It was fine autotune before her voice hit it.

      “Warranty does not cover earthquakes, hurricanes, solar mass ejection events and…”

  3. Dude, I am such a dick laughing at the handicapped kid going ham in the background of this video. Yep, I’m going to hell for that one.

  4. Wow. The part where her and the guy are meant to have like sexual chemistry is so hilarious I can’t even laugh. Dancing awkwardly near each other while saying we can do whatever we like. Bahahahaha.

  5. I don’t see why this video is a fail. It got some pretty good messages – don’t be racist, don’t discriminate, everybody can dance, and even, don’t wear stilettos. I like it. Honestly, the only thing wrong with it is the audio.

    1. Your an idiot, which is all I have to say, until just then when I said that is all I have to say n which that is all I have to say. So basically to recap your an idiot and for added flare that song killed more brain cells then a fat hit of crack rock!!!

  6. OH FUCK! A mere ten seconds into this shit you not only want it to end, no, you feel like it already had gone on for forever…

    1. Guys this was a big time success it is obviously an anti-drug ad, I will probably stop doing drugs for a few hours now. I think it saved my life.

  7. poorly written, poorly performed, nothing in the video is NOT a fail. worst part is that the girl has no freakin idea she has not one grain of talent. It’s absolutely perfect for this website.

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