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  1. We’ve learned that we should teach safe sex in schools, but when it comes to guns we don’t teach anything. This is the result.

  2. That’s It FRED……. Now Pull………. If you kill yourself, you going to HELL where all your boyfriends are… Think of everyday and night you get your BUTT-HOLE FUCKED ………..

    1. you should release all those homo erotic fantasies pent-up inside of you 2lolo otherwise you’ll be here for years posting about Fred

    2. Well, we agree on that. It’s the birth video fetish that has me stumped. I checked and it is a fetish shared by some, but gay AND birthing fetish? I don’t get it.

    3. Your points are interesting and likely valid.
      I just summed it up to 2lolo being a complete fucking idiot.

    4. The Street Ho Gang is here….. Leader of the Street Ho Gang is Finger Fuck FRED and his Wife Grave Digger JIMMY…. Gay Whores Scumbag Steve, H8R and DudeTits…..

  3. That’s a davis P380. It’s extremely cheap and unreliable. $150, max. If you’re proud of that gun, you should just pull the trigger.

    1. You think it’s a 380? I was thinking it’s a Raven arms .25. Either way, you’re right, it probably would only work when you didn’t want it to.

  4. At least he’s using trigger control. So many people post pics on the net holding a gun with their finger on the trigger.

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