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    1. It was already called a ‘Win’, in fact it was called a ‘Facebook Status Win’.
      But the real fail here is Subway does not ever make great sandwiches. Most of the time it is meat and veggies that have expired or are about to expire. It is cheaper and better just to go to your local grocery store and have them make you a sandwich.

    2. Subway is absolutely wretched. Their “baked fresh daily” bread smells like the worst most vile yeast infection imaginable and I’d rather eat curing salt than their nitrite injected deli meats. Eat fresh? Fuck you.

    3. It was a nice comment, but it should have read “the boy WHO used to bully me…” THAT in this context refers to an object, not a person.

    1. actually its because i thought it was funny, so what’s the deal you? Just bored or psychological projection?

    2. yeah of course you are and since i know nothing about you i’ll take your word for it. Although i will point out the childish tantrums are indications of striking a very specific nerve.

  1. The fail here is that they are both fails. The bully works at Subway and the bullied only makes enough money to afford Subway for lunch.

  2. The real fail here is that it’s a month old sickipedia joke that’s been posted a thousand times on different social media sites..

    1. 2lolo once said he worked at a club, so he may do something as complicated as stamp people’s wrists at the door. I definitely wouldn’t want the fucker mixing my drinks.

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