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  1. ok not sure why its a facebook fail when it should be a parenting fail. Why do parents out there think that its ok to walk around naked in front of their kids. Its these kind of kids that grow up socially awkward and then do some crazy insane thing before taking their own life. Just sayin!

    1. no issues here, nor am I part the NRA…Its just weird that parents dont mind walking around naked in from of their kids….unless this is somthing normal for everyone but me…I dont know!

    2. Wow! Kids grow up socially being raised socially awkward when ppl like you judge what’s socially awkward and what isn’t…doesn’t seem like previous insane ppl were raised by naked parents. Idiot!

    3. The NRA wants to be in charge of guns. Then if you want one you’ll have to go through them. People that subscribe to the NRA’s bullshit are fucking morons. Check the past 20 years (or further, if you like) on how NRA has provided themselves with a nice comfortable niche in the bureaucracy of gun control before you call me a leftist moron…you fuckwit.

    4. it’s just your new boogeyman. It’s a new boogeyman every few months. Kony 2012! What happened to that anti war movement? Not as cool as it used to be i guess, screw the innocent people still dying in afghanistan, pakistan, yemen, and libya, it’s cooler to protest the NRA now.

    5. @LIZ Go a head and walk around FRED Naked…..
      But please carry a Cat….. FRED don’t know how a woman pussy look like…. FRED will Rape the Cat…..

    6. I don’t believe in a boogeyman. I make one statement about your sacred NRA and you take offense. It’s all about your boogeyman. All this about innocent people and shit…I don’t know about. You just want to argue for the sake of arguing…like me sometimes. Happy New Year.

    7. Naked parent and kid dnt look white we dnt gotta worrie about a mass school shooting!now if they were white its a diffrent story!yea i said it

  2. the sad thing is…you all think its a man, but Im pretty sure thats a woman…shaved legs, no hair on the chest…even woman hands…why would epic fail censor man boobs…they dont, so its def a woman sitting there topless watching her kid (I presume) open up gifts.

  3. No doubt Liz is American. They’re the ones with all the hang-ups. Look at the way they get hysterical over breast-feeding in public! I walk round the house naked, half-dressed all the time, as does my man, as do my sons. They have absolutely no hang-ups whatsoever. On the contrary, they’re extremely relaxed, confident kids It’s my/their house and we’ll wear as much or as little as we want! Kids don’t make issues of things, adults do.

  4. I’m a American and I fucking hate this country! The worst placeto live in. We are such a fat, hypocritical, unhappy country that get our rocks off on judging other people. Not all men have hair on their chest Liz. You are that special kind of American stupid I speak of. And I am ashamed to call myself an American. Fucking retards. And what does the NRA have to do with this picture what so ever? These comments are a prime example of our stupid this country really is.

  5. i totally agree with the people that made logical comments. the other opinion shit i could do w/o. if those are titties i dont think the fail is that the kid is there. i think the fail is that they posted them on fb maybe…. i think we all missed that when we argued over nothing.

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