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  1. WTF! Those wheels must have been all chewed up at the end of the ride, or the spindles that the wheels are on probably broke out. Either way, I doubt that the suitcase was still in perfect condition at the end of the ride. I also bet the luggage stank like exhaust.

  2. That suitcase would’ve been ruined. Merely walking down the street with one, dragging it behind you for a mile or so, the wheels end up chewed to shit and fall off. I know, because I’ve had it happen. The suitcase itself would still be usable, but pointless due to not having wheels. Also, I don’t really think the clothes (or whatever is in there) would smell of exhaust. The case is in front of the exhaust, and moving down the road would create backward drag on the fumes. The only chance it would have of getting exhaust is while sitting still, and by the time that happened, he/she was probably already holding it on their back due to the wheels falling off.

    1. funny, it sure looks like the suitcase is in fact behind the exhaust. But then again, this picture is not the best.

  3. THAT’S Scumbag Steve and Redneck Sucking going to meet up with Finger Fuck FRED……. In that Suitcase is full of Sex Toys……. Don’t forget FRED Baseball Bat??

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