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    1. But Finger Fuck FRED, You been Hooking on Crack Ho Street for the past 30 years…. Your the Queen of “ASS2MOUTH”……

  1. This is a called a joke. You’ll experience these when dealing with people both IRL and on the internet. Don’t be alarmed! It is intended to be comical because the speaker is intentionally saying something that is not true or that is self-defeating.

  2. i dont care what kind of joke it youre trying to make you dont say you would suck a dick if your a straight man. FAIL. SUPERHOMO

    1. Most chicks (as well as 2lolo) likes to watch gay porn. I guess while the gays are doing it they shout “NO HOMO”.
      I don’t know. Maybe it’s an “inside” joke.

    2. @Dudebro- Fuck off! And I’ve watched lesbian porn a time or 2! An expert I am not but you guys seem to be pretty damned informed on the homo stuff.

    3. BUT FRED You been making TRANNY’s PORN for the pass 30 years……. For the past 2 years you been “TRANNY PORN STAR”…..
      By now you should made, money for your SEX Change….

  3. This site once again confirms the only hope for mankind is that natural selection may one day catch up to these inbreds.

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