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  1. A person who speaks two languages is called bilingual.
    A person who speaks many languages is a polyglot.
    What about a person with only one language?

    1. That makes no sense. Americans have to put up with spanish all the time because mexicans are the only immigrant who cannot assimilate.

    2. what is the joke here? the fact that he translated what the question was in her native language and that she answered in english? hm.. anyway..F** U ALL cause i’m polyglot and you are not, uhmerica!

  2. She properly ignored a nailing-jello-to-the-wall question. Only Spanish-speakers would know if the translator made proper sense of it.

    1. perfectly translated in spanish.. I speak both english and spanish (and italian and portuguese) by I have no clue what she said in english!!!

    2. “The competition is ridiculous”, spot on…
      Dont ask current affairs questions to beauty contestents,
      just show us the pretty dresses and swim wear .. 🙂

    1. @FRED STOP!!!!!!!! Don’t put that Baseball Bat in your Mouth after you us it to Masturbate with it…… I don’t care if it’s lunch time……

    1. Hell I don’t even wear panties and I’d go buy some just for that occasion if it kept creeper 2lolo away! Lol

    2. @Ambrosia, Sorry I would never think about being your Panties…… I love to eat FISH……. But dry Rotten FISH that FRED been using to MASTURBATE with……. NO THANK YOU………

    3. Well don’t worry because I never offered you my panties or anything else! And as I said before I don’t wear panties….so you can keep using your jizz crusted sock and keep hoping someone out there..waaaayyy out there would even find you remotely interesting must less fuckable!

    4. Sorry Ambrosia…… I will never FUCK A DRY ROTTEN FISH CUNT ……. Ask FRED he will Eat anything.. After all FRED lick Ass-o so your PUSSY fits in the smell test………..

    5. It’s about time to stumble down to the tittie bar and give the girls the last of your social security money. Or have you already wasted it and have to wait till next Tuesday?

    6. @2lolo you are right…you wouldn’t fuck a dry rotten fish cunt because even those aren’t offered to you! Go on down to the street corner, there’s got to be some scabbed up smelly bitch that will at least let you buy her some meth.

    1. I heard something about being a surfer and following a wave

      surfers are all kinda dumb and unable to make a cognitive sentence

    1. She said, “A woman who thinks she is intelligent demands the same rights as man. An intelligent woman gives up.”

    1. Whatever law would allow me to be a gynecologist without all the schooling, paperwork and bullshit. I’d just really like to have one of those cool sex chairs they have.

    2. That’s why I use new industrial strength Clitorox! Just bleach those nasty yeasty smells down the drain in the floor!…just under my cool sex chair.

    3. Haha pardon me! Smelly crisis averted! You could just get the chair and skip all the other crap though! 🙂

    4. Well yes, I definitely need the chair. I got an amateur gynecology kit though! I put it together myself. A few dental picks, screwdrivers, soldering irons…
      Wanna play doctor?

    5. Just need you to sign the usual legal agreements that you won’t sue if you come up pregnant, contract an unknown venereal disease, or find out later that you’re missing vaginal parts. It’s all just formalities really.

  3. Something was clearly lost in translation there. Not sure if this can be blamed on her alone. Either way, somebody failed. Not to mention the dumbasses on here posting stuff about Americans are total failures.

    By the way, I am American and I speak 4 languages.

    1. Well, fra, above said it was perfectly translated, so I have no idea. Just know it was a useless question from the get-go.

    2. Well, if I were asked the question, I’d say there should be a law that everybody had to serve at least two years in the military before they had citizenship. Even the “handicapables”. Then they could talk shit about “the dumbasses on here posting stuff about Americans”.

    3. Well, the translator did a flawless job in translating the question: “Si pudieras promulgar (a ?) una nueva ley: ¿Cual sería? y explíqueme por qué sería esa” – literal translation.
      And she also starts talking about laws (even though she says “leys”) having been already made…

    4. Just for y’all know, he speaks Twinkielanguage,McFlurrylanguage,FrenchFrieslanguage and PeanutButterlanguage. (:

      Congrats, fat ass.

  4. She sounded a bit like her brain used google translator in order to answer the question in English… who knows – maybe if one typed the gibberish that she uttered into google translator and translated it back to Spanish it would make perfect sense…

    1. Oh well, It tried that… doesn’t make much sense in Spanish either:
      “Creo que cualquier leys que tenemos en la Constitución y en la vida ya están hechas. Creo que debemos tener una forma recta para ir en nuestro similares (???) o en nuestras vidas. Por ejemplo: yo soy una persona que practica surf y la mejor ola que puedo dar es la ola que esperar.”

      Maybe she just really didn’t know what the fuck she was talking about…

  5. Her response makes more sense than a question portion for such a competition.
    She’s hot, though… so a win to me for a beauty pageant.

  6. Basically she said there are already too many stupid fucking laws and she wouldn’t make anymore stupid fucking laws. Also she would rather be on her surf board waiting for a wave than answering his dumb ass question. FTW

  7. This people can’t speak either language. The guy who translated the question to… let’s say “spanish” just to be generous, actually said “if you could PROVOKE (or cause) a law, what would it be”… Provoke..? I guess she should have a twisted criminal imagination to commit such a deed that wouldn’t be contemplated by current laws but was so offensive to society as to create a new one.
    Hispanic communities in the US have deteriorated my beautiful language grately.

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