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    1. Some guys actually find these girls attractive.. why not, if they have a big heart.. cause most skinny bitches dont even have one, maybe?

  1. Why you sleep on my bus? I have to disinfect my seats now. Put some clothes on, cover your crack, and brush your hair. Senseless people.. no standards.

    1. Go ahead, Jimbo, root your nose thru it like a hog rootin’ up turnips and lemme know if you smell any flour.

    2. Maybe if “they’d” get a mouthfull of flour and blew it into all her crevices that would work. What d’ya think?

    3. @Grave Digger JIMMY,, You being Tapping that and licking that for the past 6 months…… Look good at him… That’s Finger Fuck FRED your Wife…..

    1. BTW: I’ll bet after she takes a couple of steps she makes her own gravy. I’ll put on some dinner rolls just in case.

    2. You’ll find the corpse of a young child who went digging around in there looking for its lost ball one day. The kid’s face is still being printed on milk cartons.

    3. On second thought her skin probably absorbs the kid’s flesh and bones. You’d be luck to find anything at all.

  2. no offense to whoever this is, because im a thick woman, but you shouldn’t embarrass yourself by going in public like this

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