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    1. “Why mess with the around back there when you’re literally an inch away from the best place on earth?”

      -Louis CK-

    2. @FRED Your right…. There is no Doodoo on your Whacker… But when some Fag pay you to FUCK your ass2mouth you have doodoo in your mouth..

  1. The pleasure of anal is both the tightness and the feeling of domination. It`s up to you if she will be whining or not. That`s the thing.

    1. Man, let me tell you how to deal with a chick like this.
      On the date that you two are out, that you’re getting bored with the “usual” sex, just take her out to a nice place and tell her; that you don’t understand why other guys like to do girls in the butt. Tell her that you think THAT shit is discusting and that YOU would never ask a girl to do some vile, vulgar shit as THAT.

      I’ll bet you $100 to a dime that the next time you two do it, she will put your dick in her butt and if you resist, she will insist.
      Bitches be crazy! I’m serious.

  2. I love how people say if you do anal you get poop on your dick. So you have no problem putting it where urine, uterine linings, and blood are deposited? Right that’s SOOOO much more sanitary for your dick!

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