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    1. Is it possible they’re trying to spell Ohio? The handsome woman in blue could be the H, and the crucifix can be the I? Otherwise, I haven’t the slightest idea what they’re trying to spell out.

  1. I am a pastor. While laughter and light moments are common during funeral visitations, I am put off by the lack of dignity in this picture beside a corpse. It’s a sign of the times not only at funerals, but also at weddings and other events that call for some minimum measure of class. It seems to be more about silliness and what went wrong than the event itself.

    1. So did the Bible tell you that its not cool to have fun next to a corpse? Or are you just thinking for yourself, Mark?

    2. ok….calm down… just got off the phone with Jesus and he said three things. 1st.. It spells Oklahoma (go figure?).
      2nd… it’s mildly amusing. And, 3rd, he’s said he’s never heard of a Pastor “Mark”?? hmmm

    3. It’s not a matter of scriptural guidance. It’s what I would hope would be a common sense of decency. We do a lot of light-hearted chatting in the area of the coffin at visitations, and that’s fine – doesn’t have to be a grim downer. But I feel this goes too far in minimizing the dignity that remains should be afforded. However, that feeling may be waning as the culture slowly sinks into a quicksand of crassness. Witness a recent episode of Family Guy where a character pulled a woman’s body out of a casket and danced with it. Revolting.

    4. I don’t like the idea of photographing the deceased let alone photographing foolishness around them. In my opinion this is one of the tackiest funeral parlor photos I’ve seen. Family guy is the tackiest and crappiest cartoon I’ve ever seen. I’ve never been able to watch more than 30 seconds of it at a time.

    5. Actually, I’ve seen the article for this (I don’t feel like looking it up, google it yourself). This was the wish of the deceased. No, really.

    6. Well Mark, since you are in the business of selling bullshit and for a living, I am shocked that you would even have the temerity to comment on morals. Organized religion is a racket and you know it. You can’t go through seminary and not know your sole purpose is to gather as many morons as possible and shame them into paying your freeloading ass protection money each week so you will assure them they will go to some magical sky fairies special place with mansions and gold and riches. What a crock of shit. Who the hell would need a mansion or money and gold in heaven? Fuck you Mark. Before the church came along, funerals were celebrations of the departeds life.The bodies were burnt on a pyre and the family and friends held a celebration complete with feast and drink. Along you guys come and tell everyone they should be solemn and sad and lets not forget they also needed caskets and plots and headstones and a priest to perform rights. All at a cost of course, and if they didn’t pay then they were damning the soul to purgatory forever. You people fuck up everything you put your noses in. So my advice to you , dick weed, is to crawl back under the rock you slid out from under, and piss off.
      I never could understand why you fuckers insist on being morbidly solemn at a time when you should be celebrating. After all the dead are now in heaven right? So why the fuck should anyone be sad?

  2. Maybe what they are doing is something that they did when he was alive and they are just having one last laugh with someone they loved.

  3. They are spelling out OHIO. Trust me, this is a thing people do in Ohio…ya know…since I live here. They’re using the cross as an “I.” Ohio has some hardcore Buckeye fans.

    1. I agree that they are spelling Ohio (I too am from there :-)) but I believe the guy in the casket is actually the “i”

  4. wow im suprised in my fellow OHIOANS that they would do that and it says OHIO not YOLO we do that alot just not with our dead.

  5. Family guy is the most brainless show on tv, at least south park ( a close second ) can incorporate humor based on current events and leave some sort of underlying message that does stimulate some form of brain activity. Nothing can be said for family guy though.

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