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  1. Wow he was sooooo close to sounding just like him! The places where he stopped to read what he was supposed to say next made it even more believable! NOT!

    1. @Ambrosia your a dumb fool….. FRED is talking “Power Flashlight” a sex toy that FRED us, to Masturbate with……. When are you going to wash your rotten smelling pussy??????

    2. He “us to masturbate with”?? Hmmmm I don’t know but it would seem YOU are in fact the dumb fool–scratch that…you are the DUMBASS!

    3. I just seems like that wouldn’t come close to matching the real thing! 😀 Panasonic batteries or not! Lol

    4. Well, i mean afterwards. You know all that talk and questions that you women like to “indulge” us in? No?

    5. Yes most women do….I never understood that really….I generally want to nap, another go round or a snack! All the questions and crap can wait! Lol

    6. No shit! It’s rest a few minutes, eat a steak, lounge around, freshen up and get ready for round two. 😉

    7. I mean, then you can knock off some of that old wax that you missed before and try all kinds of different positions, you know? I especially like where I have one leg up on my shoulder and sideways? That way we can both see what’s happenin’? You know?

    8. That way I’m free to put all my power into friction and attention to detail. I believe if you’re gonna do a job, then get it right the second time for sure. After all; the first time was just rehearsal.

    9. Anything wrong with “old school”. Sex wasn’t invented in just the past decade. Regardless of all these “anal experts” and spitting new comers.

    10. Lol the leg over the shoulder is always a good one! 🙂 and the second time you are more limber so the possibilities of other things really go up! Lol you have a resume for cyber sexing?! That sounds interesting! 😀

    11. wow… holy poop. Fred and Ambrosia really need to meet IRL and settle some of this tension…

      Fuck fer chrissakes.

    12. Not mine. I keep it in tip-top. Only thing wrong is the seat is rottoning. Girlfriend doesn’t like wearing panties.

    13. I really want to see this happen for you two, ambrosia you can borrow my razor scooter, I just threw some new bearings on that bitch, tip top, you’ll go from zero to hero on that sweet whip in no time!

    14. I want one of those handicap scooters, but they don’t come with a V8. One of those would be neat to ride around Walmart and aggrevate shoppers with. Especially if you disconnect the manifold.

    15. I got one better for ya Fred, I challenge you to one of those supped up lawn mower races through Walmart! Lol

  2. if you ever wondered how a virgin looks like this is it forget the nerds and geeks this is it you can see it he hasn’t even kissed a girl…why
    because he does the islam of all bane impressions

  3. Why is it that we all hate Osama bin Ladan but people where General Che on T-shirts. Do they not know that this guy was one of the most infamous terrorists in history? A truly evil son of a bitch.

  4. Isn’t this guy being sarcastic? It feels to me like he’s deliberately being shit because it’s so fucking difficult to hear what bane is saying in the movie, and he keeps saying “there’s some class lines in this film”.

    I’m going for sarcasm, you all fail.

  5. This sad little Mr.Bean look a like doesn’t even know how pitifully talentless he is. But the psychopathic, narcissistic terrorist on the front of his shirt is a giant tell to his blatant stupidity.

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