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    1. Ambrosia 2lolo finds Guys butthole’s sexy he has a t-shirt that say’s ”cowboy’s butt’s drives me nuts”

    2. The women I deal with don’t put make-up on with a putty knife, so I’m not interested in these cheesy-pussied “covergirls”. I deal with women that don’t have to deal with shit make-up, I deal with women that use my NEW IMPROVED FORMULA CLITOROX!

    3. Well Ambrosia anything looks better that you…. Your a 50 years old hag….. With an ass as big as a SUV……….

    4. @2lolo- I’m actually a little over half that age and my ass is closer to the size of a camaro…nice try though!

  1. yeah they wear too much make-up and looks pretty obnoxious but any guy would find these two women somehow attractive, they’re not ugly. Im guessing whoever posted this is gay or a woman. Jealous fucks, just wanting to stomp on the dumb blonde stereotype. They’re not my type either but this is not a fail and you’re lying to oyurself coz you dont like these type of woman you biased fucks. All of you failed so fuck off.

    1. ok… I hope you are joking more than is possible. because if serious, you should make sure your dick isn’t made out of plastic.

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