Epic Facebook Fail


People Fail

Submitted by Anon

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    1. @Ambrosia, “Once you pass the smell, you got it lick””” No Human can pass the smell of your Rotten Dead Fish Pussy…. But FRED….. FRED love to “Ass2Mouth” so FRED will eat your Rotten Dead Fish Pussy……… Just ask FRED……

  1. Damn it there’s 67 likes at the bottom. I was at least hoping everyone would be smart enough Not to like that picture. It would’ve saved the baby from having a mother like that. Best gift you could give it.

  2. Shhht!! I’ll hit.! I’ll hit it now and i’ll keep hittin that wet flesh cave till bout the 8th month, and then… Deuce. Be GOne!! Haha. I bet she has a meaty samich down there… Mmmmmhh

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