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    1. Hahaha another plus is my boobs can be used as flotation devices! We will make it even if no one else does! 🙂

    2. @2lolo- why don’t you do it for me??? And while you’re at it….KISS MY ASS! Get some new material!! Lol something that doesn’t include my cooch! Now go back to your crusty sock.

    3. @Amber: wish i could play with your tits while iam fucking drowning!!! let me drown in your fanny juices! not so sick bitch give us email ;));;;;))))))

    4. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh well……BEEF ASS…..yeah I’m going to pass on giving you my email….and although I thank you for wanting to “drown in my fanny juices” I yeah I’m creeped out….oh and thanks for calling me a bitch?? Lol thanks florp!

    5. @Ambrosia SORRY I don’t touch DEAD ROTTEN FISH PUSSY…. Wash it yourself…. If I kiss your ass your DEAD ROTTEN PUSSY will be in my face…..Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! HELL NO……

    6. OMFG ambrosia I see you in every fucking comment.Get a fucking life and get off of here or stop commenting everything

    1. @Grave Digger JIMMY, Get mad at me, I don’t give a Fuck…. But I’ll still be F ing your Mother and Sister…….

  1. I kept expecting a group to get together and stand in one spot to pull that rope and all would go in. It was obvious the ice was not safe to begin with. Every one on the ice were dumbasses.

  2. People who stand there filming instead of helping, I’d like them to be hurt. Bitch was shouting to tell helpers and those who need rescuing what to do, someone should throw that talking, big mouthed whore in the freezing water, and see how well her bimbo brain and strength do in the ice.Dumb ass indeed, bitch.

  3. Making lame american jokes to try and offend americans, is like trying to offend bill gates by making jokes about how stupid he is.

    1. Now back to the real question, What do you throw a mexican man when he is drowning? His wife and kids.

  4. No one going to point out all the idiots standing on the ice staring were the reason that the ice broke? They should have been called away as they were literally doing more harm than good there.

  5. This is what bothers me about “Internet Atheists”, they complain about how theists don’t make even a passing attempt at understanding reality and then go and make ignorant statements like this one that don’t make even a passing attempt at understanding the theist’s reasoning.

    Here’s the detail that the text forgets: theists believe in “free will”. They weren’t praying for god to change the ballots or the numbers in computers totaling the votes, they were praying for god to enlighten the heathens and give them the wisdom to choose “the right guy”. The thing is that, though god could’ve changed their minds as easily as a computer nerds changes his desktop wallpaper, he chooses not to because the “free will” thing. So even if god could have changed the outcome of the election, he thought that allowing the humans the freedom to choose wrongly was more important than having the “right guy” at president. So it’s not about god being all powerful or not, it’s about god knowing the difference between “can”, and “should”.

    And FYI, I’m an atheist, just not an Internet Atheist. (And no, there’s no such thing as free will in a deterministic universe.)

  6. This had to be the annual gathering of the Darwin Awards candidates. None of those super geniuses thought sledding down a hill onto a partially frozen pond was a bad idea? Not to mention they are all trying to pull him out onto the thin ice rather than directing them to the other side which was 20 feet away and clear of ice with people able to assist. They could have walked right out onto the bank. Fucking hell, people are idiots.

  7. People who film instead of helping should get hurt. I’d like to push her fat arse into freezing cold water and see how well her brain works and how well she moves.

  8. Always if someone falls to the ice you must get down and slide ahead, not stand up so your weight is not that heavy in one pressure point. when yo´re sliding on through ice, why wouldn´t you wear some (don´t know the correct word in English) steel-made-hand held picks that ice-fishers wear?? If you fall through the ice, the picks are easy to stab to the ice and pull yourself up.

  9. who ever had the damn camra should have left the zoom alone dumb to try to work somthing when u have no clue what ur doing

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