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  1. CPS… please? Oh, right… our government (and a sizable portion of our idiot nation) doesn’t believe in funding programs which keep our nation from falling to pieces.

    1. My problem with CPS is that I can’t help but think of them as ass-hatted fuckers that screw with the poor just a little bit more just to prove that they are the enemies. they are just political money to support ass-hat types of lawyers and bureaucracies of fuckwitted people that have no interest in what they ar doing or who they are effecting, and fuck with the poor and drive them closer to have all their assets being taken away by an AssHat lawyer. But, surely, you cun’t imagine that happening with all the crazy liberal and Conservative propaganda that will soon start spreading. Those two will surely reach compromise and do…something?Becaues they are MURICANS!
      Wait a fuckin minute…This is not my MS Word, Crazy Shit For The Day Thoughts file, is it?
      Sorry…Fuck you if you don’t accept my apology.

  2. the gun scared away the competition, so these two bros could knock up their sister with the packages they’re fondling in front of the fruit of their efforts.

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