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    1. Not particularly no…..someone getting shocked and me getting off is just a tad too kinky for me but it is pretty damn funny!

    1. @FRED you know I don’t have a baseball bat….. But Ambrosia want to us your baseball bat for a day or 2…….

    2. You’ve got it. I don’t want it back anyway. You fucked it up with those glass shards and blood all over it. Keep it. Enjoy.

    1. He started his whimpering and crying before he ever got tazed. I suspect there was alot more before this video started. Listen again and you’ll see where they ask if he’s ready and he say’s, “Yeeuh”. His gaydom is pouring out just before that.
      BTW: What is this, Police force training? Bet he’ll use his tazer five times on his first day of duty.

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