Dumb Girl Fail / Nerd Win


Net Fail

Submitted by Jim D.

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    1. @FRED a thermometer is to small for Ambrosia.. You need to us your baseball bat……
      P.S. She too love it up her ass……..

    2. I don’t need to “us” anything. As a matter of fact, I’d appreciate it if you’d refrain from using the word “us” in any statement you make when referring to me. Thank you very fucking much.

    3. I can only imagine the massive hemorrhoids to ensue so a bat in my ass just won’t happen! I do however think 2lolo could indulge you with the ass/bat combo! Enjoy! Lol 🙂

    1. Considering the low standards around here that must be a big deal if i can be kicked off…I’ll watch myself! 😛

    2. Shhhh when his name is uttered he crawls out of some dark crevasse and starts talking about my supposed dead rotten fish odor and “finger fuck Fred”!!! He’s creeping around here somewhere for sure!

    3. Naw, he’s been here already. He’s busy digging around under the sinks for the emergency bottle or he’s stumbled down to the liquor store to beg for enough money for another pint.

    4. Oooooo!!!!!!! Finger Fuck FRED…. That’s not very nice….. You know that everything I said about you is 100% True…… 1- your a Tranny 2- you love up your ass and love to suck cock clean…. 3- your a 350 lb [email protected]……

    5. Most of what I eat IS dead. I ate some live or dying octopus one time in Korea, but I was high on Soju.

    6. I tend to like my food still squirming….I’ll run up to a horse and bite him for snack! Octopus does sound really gross though! With those creepy tentacles.

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