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    1. Ever seen a billy goat sniff the female and get his upper-lip stuck in that curled up position, and then act like he’s about to have a seizure? That shit looks funny as hell!
      Just thought I’d mention it…..Nevermind.

    1. Could be. They released an album about a 2 years ago. They’re still lurking about…in some line-up form.

    2. @2lolo-lol when I want someone to lick anything on me I’ll tell them myself but thanks for trying to get me some!

    3. Happy New year.
      Yeah, I just wiki’d and I was very surprised to see they were actually never GONE. Even after the Death of Dave Byron who was argualy the singer with whom they had the most success.

    4. @Ambrosia you been trying to get anyone to lick your pussy for the pass 10 years……. Finger Fuck fRED is the only one who will lick it………..

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