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    1. Man or woman, I will conjecture the accelerator was stuck, they burned out the brakes, and so the only thing left was to keep it mashed against the barrier.

      The only alternative is that the driver was dead.

  1. Not all women are bad drivers…not to say there aren’t plenty that can’t but alot of us can 🙂 what I really want to know is wtf they were doing and why did they continue doing it?

    1. @Ambrosia Remember that day you was piss-off at that guy who you wanted to fuck your pussy but he fuck your ass…….

    2. @Ambrosia Who was that guy????? Scumbag Steve?? Grave Digger JIMMY??? I know it can’t be FRED….. Finger Fuck fRED love man…..

    3. I see 2013 is gonna be a “cliff deal” too. Talking to 2lolo is like talking to Congress. What have you accomplished?

    4. Me too. I was on my bike on the other side of the street. I would have tried to cockblock but I like to watch. Let me know if the show starts again. I’ll keep my chain oiled.

    5. All that writhing, wriggling, bitching and screaming was the best part though. I think I got two nuts for the effort of one on that scene.

    6. Jimbo, you got a whole new year in front of you. Just relax, everything will work out great and things will be cool. Just listen a little and learn. You’re going places. Just sit back and learn from the crazies. 2013 looks like it’s already turning out to be an “Uhmerican: Let’s Work Together and Build a Better Country” bunch-a-bullshit year. I’ve got front row seats and you do too!…Fucking politics is the worst soap.

    7. @Grave Digger JIMMY I’m still fucking your mother and sister….. Sometimes I let your mother and sister do 69 to each other as I Fuck their ass…..
      P.S. Your Sister is getting better at “Ass2Mouth”…. Thank for teaching her……

    1. I’m a woman (not scorned lol – I have a great husband) BUT I knew my share of jerks before finally meeting him. My response to a cheating man is to just pick up and leave and never look back. Destroying someone’s property and reacting like a child is never a win. For heaven’s sake keep your dignity intact. Besides, YOU are the one who is going to suffer when he makes the police report regarding the malicious destruction of his property, so the whole thing would seem rather self-defeating. If you’re with someone who doesn’t treat you well (whether you are male or female- I’ve known plenty of nice guys who were done wrong by nasty women, too)the best way to show them that you won’t tolerate it is – well – not to tolerate it. Just GO. They aren’t worth your time or any further expenditure of emotion. Seriously. OK rant over, sorry but that whole “revenge” thing is just a pet peeve- it’s so…ghetto…might work on The Jerry Springer Show but in real life it’s an epic fail.

  2. My first thought was the brakes went out and they were trying to slow it down… but then it looks like they keep gassing it…

    1. Precisely what I was thinking. It’s very possible this person was in diabetic shock or having a severe reaction to a medication. It seems to odd to be otherwise.
      That being said,they may well have been drunk.

  3. Not a fail this is dangerous. that person is proppably passed out shomehow by maybe a stroke or something. i would be worried

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