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  1. wow. i that hairstyle looks retarded. i guess i should type in ebonics with this picture. ” she just got her hair did, and dat shit be like fk’d up “

  2. I’d be as likely to go in and ask for the “ramen noodle do” as I would the “mullet”. Which is very fucking likely 🙂

  3. I like to think that when everybody else is gone, there’ll be no one else here but 2lolo…talking to himself. But sadly, I know, someone will come along and stoke the fire and 2lolo will stimulate a new crowd that entertains his …entertainment.
    The guy is really a genius, ya know?…
    Fuckin’ fuckwit.

    1. He will be around long after we are gone, still talking like a caveman and saying shit no one can understand. 😛

    2. @Finger Fuck FRED,,, Once again your wrong!!!! You never seen Ambrosia Cunt and Ass-o Hair…. Well everyone seen it…. I DID…….

    1. You know, I really love your name. It always reminds me of pussy. I don’t know why! But I really love it. Your name, that is *snicker/giggle*. Really. I do. Fuckin’ damned nice name. Really.
      BTW: Do you do dicks?

    2. @Finger Fuck FRED,,,,, Once again you asking for someone Cock….. Can’t you get COCKS OUT OF YOUR MIND????

    3. You’re always backwards, you fuckwit. I can’t get my mind out of my cock. In other words, REAL guys think with their dicks. That’s why women are so stupid…and you, cause you don’t got none! HAHAHAHA!

  4. I think it’s just fine, and you bums will never touch pussy that fine. I wonder if the carpet matches the drapes.

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