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  1. I sent in a picture that was most definitely a fail and this is the crap that gets on here instead?? Booorriinnggggg….bastards! Lol

    1. Your pic needs to first make it up on another site. EF just steals all of their content from other sites.

    2. I’ve sent some of the funniest fails you’ve ever seen and they haven’t been put on on EF. If it isn’t something that kind of looks like a dick then you really don’t have much of a chance.

    3. Lol that sucks! That “looks like dick” crap has gotten old anyways…been there seen that. Would rather just see one than looking at something that resembles one! Lol 😉

  2. I love that song, and I don’t see how this text has any connection with it at all. None of the icons match up with any of the song lyrics. It’s a fail for EpicFail to even post this.

  3. sorry but thats got to be the worst post I have ever seen on the internet. and its such a shit smug boring film. fuck off! the whole world is fucking shit!

    1. An F is better than you any day…. LOOK!!!! If you want to Fuck FRED it will be very hard to do…. FRED Loves MAN……. Are you a Man??????

    1. Yea scallops are the shit, wrapped in some bacon, fuck yea. I have no idea what this picture is winning by the way.

  4. Clichés spread in Europe are telling that people from the USA are dumb, I never wanted to believe it because I think spreading clichés is as dumb as the people we make fun of. But after having read your comments, I can’t help thinking there was a failure in your education guys… Before being adapted in bullshit like song and movie LES MISERABLES is a book from a very famous french writter VICTOR HUGO!

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