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    1. Aw, just kidding. We all know how women are today. They’re more likely to stray than us guys are…or that’s the argument I’m using.

    2. @Ambrosia,,, Next week my friends and I going Hunting for Wild Pigs… We need bait… With you and your Bad Smelling Vaginal Odor will bring the PIGS out…… Now about???????

    3. As a matter of fact I’m not like all other women thank you! I’m not a bitch in heat that goes wherever the swinging meat is! Lol

    4. Damn girl, tasty and not a pig in heat? I’m in fricken love! And it is kinda fun whatching the other two lovebirds fight… Kinda cute in a Jungle-love, animal kingdom kinda way…

    5. Did I strike a nerve? I wouldn’t have pegged you for the sensitive type… Do you need a tampon? And Pussed-pore Thor? I would have expected a little more from you… Do I call you Bed Wet Fred? No…

    6. Sorry. I got interrupted during this play argument game. Company and shit.
      Naw, Thor I’m just playing.

    7. Ha! Look at 2lolo’s pathetic comment above: “AmBROshya! ME anD MY COCKrubbing buDDy’z are Goh-win CAmPin’!!! yooo wANNNNa coME??? WE miGt go HOg HuNTin…hehehe!!!”

    8. You resemble a hillbilly?? Lol whoops! Hey if it makes you feel any better I’m originally from Texas! State of hillbillies a plenty! Lol

    9. Lol I’ll Deliverance your ass! Wait a minute….ok so we will have a banjo duel like they did in that movie ok? 😀

    10. No, no, no! It was a metaphor, for fuck’s sake. Take your clothes off and I’ll explain it to you. Have I gotta teach you how to chord, too?

    11. Hahaha whoops again! Ok I’ll strip down but honestly I was kicked out of band…I was THAT bad! 🙁 but…how will being naked teach me these “metaphors” any better?? 😉

    12. How’s about we just skip that and play strip poker or something!? Lol little point here…I have no idea how to play poker! 🙂

    13. We could invite a black couple over and play Spades and dare each other to do interracial stuff….
      …Sorry, Spike Lee. Din’t mean to insult your ignorance. It’s just a fuckin’ joke.

    14. You have to trade me for the RRs.
      No woman should own the RRs. However, you are more than welcome to ride my railroads, sweety. Toot-toot.
      Take a ride on the Fredding, baby!

    15. Bahaha 😀 Renaming the RR’s now are we? I’ve got an idea for passing go but that would have to be a surprise! 😛 I get the 2 blue places, you can have those RR’s TOOOOOT!

    16. Jesus Christ, you do realize that you both have phones and instant messengers, right? Just scissor and get it over with so the feeds can get flooded by less important shit that interests more people.

    17. I never said I read half of it, but scrolling through 8 pages of empty, awkward sexual innuendo is excessive. No, I am not upset to not be included. I’m on the internet, antisocial behavior is where the bar is set.

    1. Yeah, well I’ve been called Ironcock and Staminaman and I don’t need a bunch of guys in capes and tights to help me AVENGE dents carelessly placed in my nookies! Back off, God of Carpet-Static-Discharges!

    2. Dude, sounds like you are trying to re-assure yourself of your own man-hood… maybe make up for some deficiencies?

    3. @Thor Still searching for a Ass to Fuck?? FRED Selling his Ass for $5.00… But if you want an ASS2MOUTH that will cost you $2.50 more….. But Ambrosia Charge $20.00 for any thing …… But NO REFUNDS……..

    4. I find it strange that you know their going rates by heart. Do you have a customer rewards card or something?

    5. He has a sticker on his forehead that I slapped there the first time we met that reads, “I must stay the fuck away from Fred or he will kick my ass”. So far, so good.

    6. @2lolo – Why are you trying to lowball Fredward at $5 when you had to have a change machine installed on your ass? And in my opinion, I wouldn’t pay $20 for Ambrosia because she is PRICELESS!

    7. Well, my hymen is grown up like that South American grape-vine-growing-in-people’s-asses movie they had at the theatres a coupla years ago. And it would cost a fortune to put a mouse cock up my precious. Just ask MJ…
      he’s dead.

    8. Well, I can’t remember the movie; hell I read the book. It was creepy as hell; the book. I figure the movie was shit, so I don’t know.

    9. @Thor-that’s quite a growl you’ve got there! Lol
      @Fred-what’s the book called!? Now I want to now wtf you are talking about!!!!


    11. Well, IDK, I’ve not seen the movie. Bring it over and we’ll watch it (The Grapevine), the Cave, and we’ll compare and contrast. We’ll decide which has the better concept. Any cave movie is good for me…as long as it’s with women and not a bunch of steroid gay guys hugging up together on some queery named mountain.

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