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  1. The complete and total MENTAL RETARDS at EF strike again. This is an old, lame joke that this absolutely brain dead website is trying to pass off as some funny and real text.

    1. mate all you do is bitch about the posts! stop coming here and wasting your time and take your negativity with you! Ya rapist bitch!

    2. monktits: stop commenting on negative comments and wasting your time, and take your negativity about our negativity with you! You whiny rape victim bitch!

    1. Gotten me thru a few relationships that could have never began without it…probably.
      You ever noticed how scarred up and screwed up your fingerprints really are? I’ll bet I could commit a crime and blame it on somebody that has fucked up fingerprints just like mine.

    2. Naw, just fooling. I don’t mess with much nowadays. I’m a pretty responsible individual. Enough to know when to blame all my screwups on somebody else.

    1. why do you feel the need to comment on his comment? If it bothers you so much, why stop and think about it more?

  2. Can’t be Finger Fuck FRED… FRED Ass got Fuck when he was 10 years old by his DADDY…. Can’t be Ambrosia ,, Her Ex. used his Feet to feel around in her Rotten Cunt… Ambrosia is that why your pussy smell rotten??? Did your Ex. wash his feet first???

    1. Hahaha well I have to be the loosest bitch ever if his feet were in there but to answer your question…yes he was in fact making vag wine!

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