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    1. @Ambrosia Still hunting for a White Man Cock????
      That Girl in Purple is Grave Digger JIMMY, But she only want’s man Ass to lick… In Black is Cumbag Steve and he will do any thing….. Cumbag Steve will lick your Pussy after all he did FRED ASS……

    1. Fred+Ambrosia : BROKAW is B.R.O.K.A.W =

      I told you no hate on this Ambrosia!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I’m trying here BEEF ASS…but what in the actual fuck does that mean!? BUMMED-RING-KORN-ANUS-WHOLE!?!! By the way…how did you aquire a name such as BEEF ASS??

    1. Ahhh ok! See now that you added the “of” in there it totally makes sense….no wait…nope still doesn’t!!! And I would say go ahead and go first but I don’t know what you would first for!!!! Lol

    1. Gillian Anderson is so fucking sexy. She provided me with a lot of ‘batin material when I was a kid

    2. Fuuuuuck! Do I have to get out my dvds and explain the episodes?
      Damn! Just come over and I’ll show you an X-File. We have to get some of the Vaseline off of ’em first, though. Gillian Anderson is a Vaseline kinda girl, ya know?

    3. I was just going to tell y’all to have fun! Seemed like you had a moment so I was going to back off! Lol

    4. Hey. Don’t insinuate that Subby is coming on to me. Sure he’s as queer as a three dollar whore, but he’s a nice tranny. He doesn’t act like that though. He’s civilized…somewhat.

    5. “Ew”? Never, ever say “ew” in a thread that is describing Scully. She’s the reason I joined the FBI’s…Probed By Redheads Squad.

    6. Have you not seen the pilot, where Scully asked Mulder to look at her probe marks and Mulder says, “Yeah, they’re just mosquito bites”? What a fuckwit that guy is!

    7. X-File fans better consider themselves lucky cause if I’d been Chris Carter at that point there’d been nothing more than nine full seasons of porn from then on out.

    8. I was a member of the official X FIles fan club… Otherwise known as the FBI’s Probed by Redheads Squad. David Doucheovny didn’t know how good he had it.

    9. No shit! I could have easily erased her scepticism down in that basement. We could’ve had a few “alien encounters” down there as well. Marita Covarrubias could have become the true Deep Throat.

    10. Yeah, me, Jame Gumb and Hannibal Lecter. we all know shes on the blob and iam gonna tuck up further.

    11. David Doucheovny has been on Californication. Has that been cancelled? I watched it thru the 3rd season, but got bored with it.
      They don’t talk about it now, but while it was going on David Doucheovny and Chris Carter got into a bit of a pissing contest over the rights to the X-Files. Seems that Carter sold some of the rights and it screwed Doucheovny out of some money that he felt was his. That is the reason he left after the 7th season.

    12. I saw some episodes of Californication and I thought it was cool. I really don’t have time for TV these days. Even Walking Dead and American Horror Story, they are still cool, but who the fuck has time to watch seasons and seasons of shit? Even without the commercials?!

  1. TO THE OWNER OF THIS BEAUTIFUL SITE – why cant i fucking post on here? this is my proper email. i cant remember what my other username was. let me post please.

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